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How To Join Writework Essay

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English HanzlikRESEARCH ASSIGNMENT - OthelloPurpose1. To give you some background information about Othello and the historical era in which the play was written and performed.AssignmentUse the internet to research and find out as much as you can about the topic your group has been assigned. Take notes so you remember what you have read, seen or heard. After you have collected your information, you will present to the class using both a poster and a ...view middle of the document...

Group 2: Research Othello. What is the play about? Why is it famous? What do critics say about it? Has there been more than one version of the play? Which one(s) are most often performed? Why? Which is/was the best production of the play? What difficulties are there in performing the play (if any)?Group 3: Research the way black people were treated during Elizabethan times. How were black people viewed in Europe in the 1400s and 1500s? What is a moor? What does race have to do with Othello? Why is it a significant theme in the play?Group 4: Research specific themes present in Othello. What are some essential questions that the play will make us ask? How do these themes connect to our lives today?Getting StartedUse the internet to find credible sources of information. Each member of your group should use a different source of materials. Here are some good starting points for your"Scholarly Resources for Research": myCDS English Resources Miscellaneous Folder

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