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English HanzlikRESEARCH ASSIGNMENT - OthelloPurpose1. To give you some background information about Othello and the historical era in which the play was written and performed.AssignmentUse the internet to research and find out as much as you can about the topic your group has been assigned. Take notes so you remember what you have read, seen or heard. After you have collected your information, you will present to the class using both a poster an ...view middle of the document...

Group 2: Research Othello. What is the play about? Why is it famous? What do critics say about it? Has there been more than one version of the play? Which one(s) are most often performed? Why? Which is/was the best production of the play? What difficulties are there in performing the play (if any)?Group 3: Research the way black people were treated during Elizabethan times. How were black people viewed in Europe in the 1400s and 1500s? What is a moor? What does race have to do with Othello? Why is it a significant theme in the play?Group 4: Research specific themes present in Othello. What are some essential questions that the play will make us ask? How do these themes connect to our lives today?Getting StartedUse the internet to find credible sources of information. Each member of your group should use a different source of materials. Here are some good starting points for your"Scholarly Resources for Research": myCDS English Resources Miscellaneous Folder


1.03 Why Can't I Have it All Chart and answered Questions - Economics Honors FLVS - Assignment

514 words - 3 pages Free ) Reflecting on My Work 1. Explain how the concepts of scarcity, choice, and opportunity cost relate to your dilemma. There can be a lot of scarcity when you decide to join a club that requires you to work while outside of the club. With an art club, I won’t be able to do other things like hang out with my friends or go to my martial arts class on Wednesdays, although I am still able to go on Mondays and Fridays. I had to choose between which of the two I

Spanish American War And World War I

498 words - 2 pages The Spanish-American War was, to a great extent, a "newspaperman's war", which led to the acquisition of overseas territory for the United States. The newspapers helped many people want to join the war. At first the only reason the United States wanted to start a war was because the wanted to give Cuba it's independence but many people said there is no point to start a war for that but when word came in that an American War Ship was blown

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304 words - 2 pages REPORT HISTORICAL COMMITTEE 11-1-01 SIGNED UP 27 NEW MEMBERS AT POND CREEK REUNION IN OCTOBER.HAVING ITEM PUBLISHED ON THE POST REUNION LETTER TO LET THOSE WHO DIDN'T SIGN UP AS A MEMBER HOW TO JOIN OUR ORGANIZATION AND SEND INFORMATION.Have talked with Kathleen Jones Carter - daughter of Albert Jones, who was general manager of Octavia J. Coal Company. She is very interested in helping us - plans to donate her father's mining hat to the museum

College admission essay

369 words - 2 pages Reasons for joining the National Honor SocietyI first became interested in The National Honor Society (ARISTA) after discussing the top clubs in John F. Kennedy with my friend. My friend?s strong recommendation coupled with information I read from your posters solidified my decision to join the club.Since The National Honor Society is dedicated to helping the needy, children, the elderly and volunteering, I feel that this is the right society

Paper On Is The Colonization Of Africa

1203 words - 5 pages Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe both involve the colonization on Africa. In Heart of Darkness, the author talks about how savage the natives were and how much there was a need to update the living conditions of the natives and to help them become better people. In Things Fall Apart, the author talks about how the white people came in with their bicycles and their new religion. He talks about how they

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528 words - 3 pages . Kennedy uses complex sentences to state his topic in his independent clause and add detail in his subordinate clause. In this way, combined with his slow speech, he is able to keep paragraphs shorter but have a greater impact on his audience. 8. Use of opposites suggest that Kennedy’s purpose is to persuade his audience to join him in his cause, while showing them why it is important and the extent to how much they could change the world. 9

MBA 540 Lester Team Assignment

713 words - 3 pages million in 1998, and in the first quarter of 1999 they had acquired 9 more for $22 million in billings. This growth indicates that the internal growth strategy to leave waste management for diversified holdings has proven for this firm to increase the wealth for the stakeholders. We will now examine how external growth strategies can benefit an organization.Hurley InternationalIn comparing the Lester scenario, Hurley International also recognized

Canadian History - Challenges and Changes - Grade 10 History - Assignment

497 words - 2 pages varietyb Challenges and Changes of the Suez Crisis Challenges - In 1956, the Egyptian President took control of the Suez Canal (a waterway that links Europe and Asia) over Britain and France. - This could not allow Britain and France to ship oil from the middle east to europe. Making it challenging for ships to cross another way. - During the time, Israel was at war with Egypt. France and Britain decided to join Israel to attack Egypt so they could

Case analysis HR about cloud companies and their internal communication

1902 words - 8 pages listen to the reasons, why the person does not want to join the company. Once it is only about salary, it is good to ask the person, how much would he or she be able to accept. Then it is about the budget for that specific role. (ZipRecruiter, 2014). HR person could also consider giving some more benefits to the new employee, for example, more days off. HR should also clearly state all benefits and qualities of the company. Many times, people

Book Report on a very interesting book. - School Assignment - Book Report

538 words - 3 pages that threatened the very existence of the world. A demon from the great beyond named Damon invited Marsh to join him on Morpheus Road and help him find something called the poleax. Just when Marsh could see no other alternative, a ghost of Cooper showed up and told Marsh not to give in. This second book, The Black, is Cooper's story. As to be expected, Cooper was not exactly thrilled to learn that he was dead. He was swept off to a "waiting" zone

Black Advancement And Equality

691 words - 3 pages consisted of blacks were inspired by Martin Luther King's words on that August day. For ethos, King reveals at the start of the speech on how the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation gave hope and light to all the Negro slaves. King goes on and argues that still one hundred years later, the Negro is still not free. This makes the audience feel angry and used, because the life of a Negro is still crippled. The tone of King is compelling and upset

Essay about who's the protagonist in Julius Caesar (with quotations)

1545 words - 7 pages way, Cassius describes how Caesar became weak in the swimming contest and how he got fever in Spain, there in no doubt that Cassius has a feeling of hatred towards Caesar. He hates Caesar so much that he’d rather see anyone else in his place. Thus Caesar manipulates Brutus to makes him join the conspiracy. He does so through flattery and uses him for his own benefits. When Cassius and Brutus meet at the Lupercal festival, Cassius asks Brutus why

beauty pagaents and why they're destructive - ap seminar - essay

1175 words - 5 pages but also on the inner beauty.Sadly, this is not the case in these events. More importance is put on how you look in a dress and how well you can carry yourself, which obviously is not the right way to go about it. This can be a setback to young girls wanting to join beauty pageants because in a way, these pageants are discriminatory to others. Therefore, if they do not meet the regulations, they go their whole life trying to meet them and feeling

Study notes on the Anti-War, Post-1900 poem; "Spring Offensive"

468 words - 2 pages again. Wilfred Owen uses alliteration to show how the men dread the next attack."Sharp on their souls hung the imminent ridge of grass.""Fearfully flashed the skies mysterious glass."Nature seems to be on their side, in not wanting them to attack."When even the little brambles would not yield, but clutched and clung to them like sorrowing arms."The men attacked as the sun shines on them and it seems sad that the men should have to dies on such a

My Individual Plan For the future - Physical Education - Essay

1050 words - 5 pages Free for the students to access sport with ease; for example the students have the ability to join in sports that are based on their schedule, they have coaches, equipment and many more opportunities and enablers. But once they leave school it is a lot harder to be involved in sport, as they don’t have these same enablers and opportunities. To make sure I don’t stop playing sports after I graduate I have constructed an individual strategic plan (ISP