How To Make Slime Assignment

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Supplies:Borax (from the supermarket or a small box from laundromat)Elmer's Glue-All (White only)Food Coloring (optional)WaterOne large plastic jar w/screw lid - ala a large peanut butter jarOne plain old cupInstructions:Step "1"Add together;1/3 cup Elmer's Glue1/3 cup WaterFood coloringShake, stir or mix these ingredients until g ...view middle of the document...

... oh yeah, shake the jar tooShake until the slosh, slosh becomes thump, thumpOpen and remove the guk, you can scrap extra from the sidesNow play! It may stain things, could get stuck in carpets, who knows?The Science:Elmer's glue is copolymer polyvinylalcohol, PVA, a plastic made from oilBorax is a natural mineral mined from the earth made of boron, sodium, oxygen and water.When you add water to elmer's glue the PVA, being unstable, starts to dissolve in the water.When you add the wet borax, it is slightly acidic, and it reacts with the PVA to crosslink.This crosslinking causes the guk to undergo an irreversible gelation reaction much like when an egg boils to become a hard boiled egg. It is safe to handle, but hey! let's not eat it...OK?


Essay On How to Make Honey-Mustard Chicken

511 words - 3 pages Free I am not a big fan of cooking. I'll do it occasionally due to necessity rather than for love of cooking. But there are a few times when I want to impress my family, boyfriend, and close friends. That's when I'll make my honey-mustard chicken. It's good for any occasion and anytime of the year. My aunt taught me how to make it and not to sound overconfident or anything but it's really delicious. Anyone can try this meal, because it's sweet but

Development And How To Make A World A Better Place

2632 words - 11 pages . India has become a global power because of education that is at a high standard yet cheap as 1 USD a month. It is now a common sight to see an Indian CEO or coworker at a boardroom contributing to a project. If these poor countries adapt it everybody would have a chance and employment would be based on your intelligence and your work experience.What would you do to try to make levels of development more equal?We should teach beggars how to live

Process and Analysis essay on: How to make Tea

424 words - 2 pages How to Make TeaAre you tired of making drinks that require too many ingredients? If you are, then you need to try making tea. Once you have mastered this easy and wonderful art, you will never drink anything else again.The first step in making tea is picking the right flavoring packet. You must go to a grocery store and buy the packet of your choice. Tea is pretty cheap, so it shouldn't be too big of a problem.After choosing the flavor that you

Literature Review of Leadership Development: How to make leadership more efficient - University of Queensland - Assignment

1395 words - 6 pages Literature Review of Leadership Development: How to make leadership more efficient Introduction How to make leadership more efficient? Leadership is not management or guidance. Leadership is the ability to inspire or influence others' goals to leaders, and a successful leader must convince his or her followers that they are a team or family, not just the relationship between the leader and the subordinates. If they have confidence in you and

How To Make Easy Money Essay

442 words - 2 pages It is beginning to look like shock jock Howard Stern's transition from broadcast radio to an upstart satellite service will be anything but smooth, prompting Mr. Stern to explore whether he can make the leap earlier than expected.With a little more than a year until Mr. Stern jumps to Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. from Viacom Inc.'s Infinity Broadcasting, the popular radio host has gone on the warpath against his current employer.The issue is that

Alexander Bell And How He Came To Make His Invention

996 words - 4 pages Alexander Grahm BellAlexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone grew out of his research into ways to improve the telegraph. His soul purpose was to help the deaf hear again. Alexander Graham Bell was not trying to invent the telephone, he was just trying to help out people in need.Young Alexander Graham Bell, Aleck as his family knew him, took to reading and writing at a precociously young age. Bell family lore told of his insistence

How to be a veterian and what they do in this world to make it better - southeast Halifax - Essay

439 words - 2 pages Camron Bailey Block: 4 Career management Introduction My name Is Camron bailey and I attended Southeast colligate prep academy and after high school I plan to attend UNCG and major in animal science. I want to be a veterinarian and work with animals. I am going to well in school so I can pursue my career being a veterinarian. I want to be a veterinarian because I want to help animals and make sure they are all right. Career cluster A

Is the poem, Beowulf a Christian or Pagan time period? - Albion College: History 258 - Essay

1296 words - 6 pages Haley Nugent Medieval England February 26, 2018 Anglo-Saxon Era The Anglo-Saxon period is an era filled with some of the greatest achievements and discoveries in culture, society, and religion. Almost every Anglo-Saxon of the sixth century had strong Pagan beliefs. It was not until the year 596 where missionaries started to make an effort to convince the Anglo-Saxons to convert to the religion of Christianity. About 50 years later, almost all of

naturalism: key ideas and thoughts - naturalism - essay

1187 words - 5 pages it presents? --authorial impersonality- author isn’t involves, questionable as can author disappear from work? And be entirely objective?? Unlikely. --How can a literary text- by definition- always a selectionof carefully arranged devices designed to shape the readers deception. How can that ever fit description of transparency? Pretense to pseudoscience objectivivity--------Reduction of the capacities of literature, reducing to level or

Compare The Human Condition Depicted In Three Of Your Chosen Texts And State How The Composer Uses Techniques To Represent The Human Condition

1472 words - 6 pages vulnerability of humans even more apparent.First and Only describes the psychological weaknesses of humans as well. Abnett portrays action from a third-person perspective but focuses only on one character at a time, describing in detail the mental thoughts and actions that the character takes, showing the mental weaknesses of human whenever they come up." As shells continued to fall, Caffran sank his head into the slime and begged for release from his

Fly Away Peter Novel Critical Analysis Essay - English - Critical Analysis

1034 words - 5 pages forever. However, later she realises that all things must live and die at some point. Furthermore, we are shown The First World War as a series of violence, destruction and waste of young lives. Jim has experienced the brutality of the war first hand. For example, he has seen Clancy Parkett, a dear friend ‘he couldn’t live without’, ‘blasted out of existence’, reduced to the blood and slime that drenches Jim. Later before Jim’s untimely death, the

Flannery O'Connor A Good Man is Hard to Find - English 102 - Essay

2622 words - 11 pages forth and wash the slime from this earth!’” (p. 66). He realized that the finer things in life were things he didn’t know he cared about before, until it was too late to turn back. He had not been an honest man like he sought out to impersonate and his plea to god illuminated his faultiness. Flannery’s short story “Good Country People” was a more lighthearted and humorous story than the three previously mentioned. Its most prominent character was the

David G. Myers Chapter Descriptions - Elko High school Ap Psychology - Assignment

554 words - 3 pages the behavior of the individual. And how we can understand the knowledge we are given. Chapter 9- Talks about memory and the how information is processed through encoding. We forget certain things because of an encoding failure. Chapter 10- We use algorithm which is a step by step procedure to solve get a solution. How we form concepts to simplify things and how we make our own judgements that involve belief bias. Chapter 11- Talks about how we

Writing a Complete Essay Analyzing Satire - AP ELA - Essay

416 words - 2 pages products and how the benefits of their products are hyperbolised. In addition, " The Onion" shows how companies use scientific sounding jargon to make consumers want to purchase their products by enhancing the extent to which they sell products. The jargon of " The Onion" makes marketing techniques appear false by constantly repeating the word " pseudoscience" in order to make the scientific " facts" given by the advertisements of companies appear

What is True Power and how does it relate to us as human beings? - English - Expository Essay

543 words - 3 pages “What is True Power” Aileen Gonzalez 3rd period 9/18/17 Have you ever wished you could be a superhero? Well, what if I told you already are but haven’t discovered your powers yet. Everyone has powers to make a change and has the true power to do it. I believe that true power is the capacity to make a difference, start an influence, and be a true hero. Everyone has the power to make a change but it’s up to us when and how we want to use it. We