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NEW HIRE - KFC Hours Worked and Meal Break Policy
I understand that KFC will not tolerate failure to pay all employees for all hours worked,
including overtime.
I understand that no employee may ever work without being clocked in.
I understand that employees must be clocked in:
• for work before or after a shift (such as to clean up or count a register),
• at the start of a shift (even if the store is not busy),
• for training,
• for running an errand for the store.
I understand that all overtime work must be paid as overtime, and that moving or shifting hours
to the next week, or time off in exchange for overtime pay is not allowed.
I understand that all employees must be given a meal break if they work more than 4 hours.
I also understand that employees must be paid for any meal break unless:
• the employee clocks out for a least 30 minutes,
• the employee does not work during the meal break (even if the restaurant is busy or the
employee wants to work), and
• the employee is free to leave the restaurant during the break.
I agree to sign the Payroll Time Log Report (provided before every paycheck) after checking
very carefully to make sure that my paycheck is for the correct amount. I understand that this
KFC Hours Worked and Meal Break Policy require me to do this.
I agree to call Human Resources at the phone number listed on the inside of cover of my
Employee Handbook if I am aware of any violation of this Policy, whether it concerns me or any
of my co-workers.
NEW HIRE - Employee’s Agreement Concerning Confidential Information
As a condition of employment by West Quality Food Service, Inc., Coastal Express, Inc. or KT
of Baton Rouge, LLC, and Vic's Biscuits & Burgers, Inc. or its commonly owned affiliates
(“KFC”), I agree as follows:
1. I will not disclose to anyone, other than offices or employees of KFC, either during or
subsequent to my employment with KFC, any confidential information or materials
relating to the business of KFC. For this purpose, confidential information or materials
includes any information or materials not generally known or available to the public, and
includes, without limitation, formulas, recipes, ingredients, preparation and cooking
procedures, advertising/marketing plans, staffing plans and process, planning and
financial information, strategic plans, operating plans, suppliers, and equipment
information. Upon the termination of my employment with KFC, I will immediately
deliver to KFC all confidential information and materials I have relating to the business
of KFC.
2. I hereby assign to KFC, without any additional compensation to me, exclusive ownership
of all ideas I conceive during the period of my employment which relate in any way to
the then existing or future business of KFC, together with all resulting tangible or
intangible property and property rights, including with...

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