How Women Are Playing College And Pro Sports Westfield State University Essay

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Jason Gouin
Ethics in sport
Professor Condon
Since the creation of Title IX, most issues have been fixed but there are many more issues in the sports industry that need to be looked at.
Looking back and reading about the past you really have learned a lot about the culture and atmosphere of female athletes and coaches in the past. With many female athletes being looked down to many of the male athletes, women always had to compete at a lower or more safer level as male athletes. Throughout our lives women have always been viewed as weaker and less athletic as male athletes. Why is this? In the past nobody really viewed athletes with gender equality, they saw people just as athletes. You look aback how things were with female athletes in the best, they really were viewed different and never got the same opportunities as male athletes. From uniforms to playing fields, women sports always came second sitting below male sports. Nobody saw females as athletes. Athletes were always considered to be male dominant. Even in coach, in the past there were barely any female coach. Why is this? This is because nobody could get their head around the whole ideas that females can coach and have the same amount of knowledge as male athletes. Its crazy looking back how females stayed busy in the past with their activities and sports compared to today's society. It also amazes me how even in today's society, in order for a female coach to get a professional coaching job at pro level or college level they have to fight for this job a lot more than males do. It all starts with gender equality and how males are viewed more superior than females.
Now in today's society Title IX is impacting female sports in many ways . Now in sports they are trying to equal pay but still haven’t, they are evening the amount of female and male sports in the college level, equal playing fields and facilities, and jerseys and equipment. These little things are the building blocks of Title IX that we need to start at. Even though there are still many female athletes upset over certain things, there are still many big key ideas in Title IX that have to improve. The biggest key to equality in women sports are the salaries. “Consider salaries alone. The average salary for a WNBA player is $72,000, which doesn't include bonuses and benefits, while the average salary for an NBA player is around $5 million, or about 70 times what the average female basketball player makes”. (The real March Madness: When will women's teams get equal buzz?2016) With huge salary difference like this happening, this is why pro female athletes should be upset. Women are fighting to keep the sports industry equal between male and female athletes. Lots have improved over the years, but much more can change. “Look at the differences in coverage. The Final Four teams for the men's NCAA basketball tournament got front page attention in Monday's New York Times. The women? A story without a photo deep in the sports...

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