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Hr Global Recruitment And Selection Essay

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Recruitment and selection: Canada, Greece, and ChinaRicky GandhiForDorothy MilardovicStaff Recruitment and Selections HRM7304Introduction"Recruitment is the process of generating a pool of capable people to apply for employment to an organization, and Selection is the process by which managers and others use specific instruments to choose from a pool of applicants a person or persons most likely to succeed in the job(s), given management goals and legal requirements." (Bratton and Gold 2003: 221)Globalization has resulted in a new more dynamic international workplace. The ability to adapt and respond to customer needs has now become the forefront in global competitiveness for a firm. The ...view middle of the document...

The ability to do business over many regions while remaining flexible will be a major factor in an organizations competitive advantage.The world is a lot smaller place than it used to be; globalization has shrunken our global marketplace in terms of market reach. However being able to reach your markets does not ensure success. Attention to regional and cultural differences must be acknowledged in order grow in a new market segment. Just like customers across various regions have varying tastes, the HR function must also be able to acknowledge differences in cultures, political systems, social and economic conditions in order to add value to the HR function. The purpose of this research paper is to compare and contrast differing recruitment and selection practices in Canada, Greece and China. By qualitatively evaluating internal and external elements of each country in terms of HR a firm can be better prepared for international expansion.The first portion of this research paper will be to provide a cultural analysis through various Gert-Hofesteder cultural dimensions. This analysis will provide insight into specific cultural attributes and characteristics that help rationalize various cultural behaviours and attitudes. The second section compares and contrasts differing political, legal and social environments that shape and mould country specific recruiting and selection practices. Lastly this paper will cover the HR challenges and why attracting and retaining global talent is key factor in an organizations competitive advantage.Cultural DimensionsThe cultural dimension model ranks a culture's various characteristics. It is a multifaceted approach to describing a culture in more globally standardized format. Cultural dimensions include (Rao 2006,16):Power DistancePower distance (PDI) is defined as the extent to which the less powerful members of institutions and organizations within a country expect and accept that power is distributed unequally. (Geert-Hofstede 2013) Canada scores a 39 in power distance, a lower number signifies a low power distance. So what does that mean? A low PDI is characterized by interdependence among its members, lack of overt status or class distinctions, superiors are accessible and an importance is placed open communications channels that foster collaboration and the free exchange of ideas. Greece and China scored a 60 and 80 respectively, a significant difference compared to their Canadian counterparts. High PDI nations tend to have an appreciation for a more bureaucratic and hierarchal power structure. Power tends to be unequal among its citizens and the power is highly centralized. What this translates to a very top down approach where feedback is rarely conveyed to individuals higher up on the ladder. Respect for higher status through age and power is common. This unfortunately creates no defense against the abuse of power and stipulates that people should not have aspirations beyond their own rank. What does...

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