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“A 10 year old boy leaving the country for the first time,” I recall looking down at my clasped hands, my thumbs feeling the soft wrinkles which have come with age, “I honestly could not wait to explore, just thinking about the clear waters and golden sands would make my stomach tingle. For weeks prior to our trip I would envision the hard damp sand between my toes, getting under my nails as we walked on the untrodden territory. The funniest part was that I was convinced I could feel the subtle breeze of the sea caress my lip, leaving a salty tang on my lips. The best bit was getting to tell everyone at school about how I was going to have so much more fun then they were as they would enviously complain about doing homework and being stuck in Australia. I am pretty sure I drove my class crazy, as I counted down the days until we left. The day finally came and I can remember it so vividly…”
My skin is sticky from the droplets of sweat, which cling onto met. I hear my parents chatting to the cab driver.
“ Enjoy your stay in Fiji!”
I am desperately trying to squirm out of my seat to see the palm trees and faces of all the excited tourists. I can see several other taxis dropping off what seem to be other Australian families, who are all greeted by a man at the reception door, who looks like he has stuffed a pillow in his belly. The white chalky stones jab beneath my feet as I run barefoot amongst the stony path towards the sounds of the crashing waves. The cold sand soothes my feet as I look out past the few beachgoers. Everyone is literally in the water! I think I may even be able to see some jet skiers out in the distance, or maybe they are from a different island. I turn around to ask my parents if I can go for a swim , but I can’t go for a swim though because “apparently” I’m tired and need to rest. Our room is pretty cool though, with big wooden fans and cool tribal masks on...

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