Html Midterm Review For Cis 499 Winthrop University Winthrop University Cis 498 Research Paper

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Midterm Exam Review
You must master these tags (elements):
defines a hyperlink
bolds text
defines a section that is quoted from another source
defines the document body
line break
emphasizes text
starts html documents,
defines info about the document
largest html heading

smallest html heading
defines an image
input control
list item
determines the RS btwn a document and an external resource
ordered list
defines option in a drop down list
defines a paragraph
defines a short quotation
defines a drop down list
defines very important text
multiline input control
defines title for the document
unordered list
An empty element is one that does not need to be closed. Put another way, an empty element has no content. Which of the above are empty elements? ,, input, link,
Some elements either require attributes, or have optional attributes. Given the list above, which elements have attributes? What are they? Are they required or optional?
A -> href ->required
Img – src – required
Img – width & height – optional
Img – alt – optional
P – style – optional
Html – lang – optional
P – title – optional
Some elements are line elements, others are block elements. What differentiates them? Given the list above, which are line elements, and which are block elements?
Block elements always starts on a new line and takes up the full width available
Line elements do not start on a new line and only takes up as much width as necessary
Block elements – blockquote, h1 – h6, li, ol, p,ul
Line elements – a , b, br, em, img, q, select,
An element can have an id attribute. Why? To link an element with a specified id within a page, or to style text with CSS
An element can have a class attribute. Why? Usually to point to a class in a style sheet
What is the escape character in html? (&. &lt, &gt, &amp, …)
2. CSS
Important terms
rule – consists of a selector and declaration block
selector – the part of a css rule set that actually selects the content you want to style. Comment by Ikheim V Maybin:
property – readable identifiers that indicate which style features you want to change ex:font
value – given to properties, indicates how you want to change those style features, ex:font: serif
A CSS file is a list of rules.
Every rule starts with a selector.
The selector may be an element (every such element follows the rule).
The selector may contain multiple elements.
The selector defines what must follow the rule.
p, h1, h2
The selector might specify an element that also belongs to a class.
The selector might specify all elements that belong to a particular class.
The selector might specify an id.
A rule has a selector, one or more properties, and a value (or values) for each property.
color: red;
Each property ends with a colon. The following value(s) for that property end(s) with a semicolon.
You are expected to be familiar with the syntax of CSS, and the following properties, including the value, or...

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