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Huck Finn By Mark Twain Vs. Society

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In the novel Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Huck decides to reject civilization.At the end of the story Aunt Sally wants to civilize him, but he refuses. He says 'Ireckon I got to light out for the territory ahead of the rest, because Aunt Sally,she's going to adopt me civilize me, and I can't stand it. I've been there before.'Huck decides to choose against society because of all the harsh realities that he hasseen first hand.Huck's early doubts of the civilized world all started with Pap. During mostof his childhood, Huck had been abused both physically and mentally by hisredneck guardian Pap. This man had walked into and out of Huck's life onnumerous occasions. He was the only father figure in Huck's life and failedmiserably at the job. Pap was the first representation of civilization to Huck and itwas a sour one. It was also civilization that awarded custody of Huck to Pap. Hehad been screwed over too many times by ...view middle of the document...

He thought that the Grangerfords were a pleasant, normal family.However the dark secrets that existed within the family could make skin crawl.The paintings and writings made by Emmeline Grangerford, who died when shewas fourteen, are of rather morbid subjects. She was a messed up child that camefrom a bizarre, disturbed family. They had a feudal war going with anotherfamily where constant deaths and suffering took place. Just before Huck leaves,his age equivalent and friend Buck, gets shot in cold blood. Just anotherexemplary performance of this so-called civilization that Huck is supposed toreturn to.The king and duke however were the icing on the cake. They representedthe greed and fraud that Huck especially hates about society. From the momentthat Huck and Jim met up with the king and duke, the voyage took a turn for theworse. These two con-men were not only thieves and murderers, but they alsoended up selling Jim as a runaway slave. After that, the two tried to swindle acouple of innocent girls out of their family fortune. This hanase act is what madeHuck feel the worst about people in general. The quote 'It was enough to make abody ashamed of the human race,' (162) showed that Huck was embarrassed to bea human. He could never go back to a civilization which he had no respect for.According to Huck, the morals of society were up the creek.Huckleberry Finn was dealt a raw deal in life. It started with his abusivefather Pap. Stability is the most important aspect of childhood and Huck didn'thave that. Pap kept leaving and coming back into his life and even went as low asto attempt to take Huck's money. He decides to run away and make his voyagedown the river. Every time that they go to shore, some reject of civilization is whothey would run into. Aunt Sally wants him to come back with her and civilizehim, but based on his experiences, Huck just can't let that happen. He needs toroam free. The only thing that Pap was never able to steal from his son was hisimagination. He needs to be able to think freely and to explore. Huck wants hisyouth and innocence and he feels that civilization would take that away from him.

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