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Chapter 6 Early Christianity
1. Are there any connections between Jesus' teachings and the teachings of the Hebrew prophets of the Old Testament? (see chapter on Hebrew civilization)
There are no connections, the prophets believed God was revengeful and thought god didn’t believe in life after death. Jesus told his followers that there is eternal life in his kingdom and offered a reason for living in hope of personal immortality.
2. Briefly describe Jesus' cardinal or main points of his moral teachings
People had to eliminate their base, lustful, hostile, and selfish feelings. They had to have the need to purify their hearts and show love to God.
3. The ancient Hebrews placed great emphasis on observing the Mosaic Laws and had a stern conception of God and His will. How did Jesus' message change this view with a different emphasis?
God had the 10 commandments to love thy neighbor and thy self.
4. Briefly explain the conflict that arose between Jesus' message and the Pharisees' practice of Judaism.
The Pharisees were the rigorists in religion and in politics. They wanted the mosaic law to be put into strict observances.
5. What did St. Paul do to spread Christianity to the gentiles across the Roman Empire?
He preached and said that Christ message was for the Jews and Genitles that Jesus suffered and died for our sins, God revealed himself to mankind.
6. Why was Christianity appealing to many in the Greco-Roman Empire?
Because the people who are suffering were able to find love and loyalty. It offered the comfort they needed in their hard times.
7. In your opinion what similarities and/or differences do you see in how Western Christians today practice their faith compared to early Christian martyrs such as St. Eustachius?
They both believed that Jesus will rise once again. The differences they have are the beliefs and the way they practice their religion.
8. How are Christianity and Classical Humanism alternative worldviews that differ in respect to reason and faith?
Every Christian still believes in God, they prey, go to church and for the most part live by the 10 Commandments. But it is not like before where they were committed. Now they say they follow Jesus but don’t practice like back then.
9. What is the historical significance of the penance of the Emperor Theodosius the Great demanded by St. Ambrose at Milan, Italy?
He supported the imperial power, but he didn’t care about the spiritual and supremacy of the church.
10. What was the position that St. Augustine held with respect to incorporating Greek philosophy to Christian theology, and that the church finally adhered to?
Saint Augustine is the most important theoretician in the late Roman Empire.
11. Explain St. Augustine's philosophy of history. Then explain his view of human society in his work the "City of God." Was it positive or negative?
It was positive because he defended Christianity and argued against neo-platonic doctrines. His philosophy was also showing God ‘s will and what mattered was the individuals’ entrance to heaven or hell.
12. Why is there very little early Christian art and sculpture?
Christianity was not a believer and worshiping or sculptures.


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