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Part One
“BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEPPPPP” the alarm clock blared at 6am. Lola bolted straight out of bed like the flash, a far cry from sluggishly crawling out of bed at noon as she had done for the past few weeks. School holidays were over and today was Lola’s big day, the first day of her high-school career. Lola walked through to the lounge where her little brother Joe was watching rug rats, the two of them always spent mornings watching cartoons before getting ready for school. “Yay you’re up, just in time Sponge-bob is about to start” said Joe. Lola laughed and replied, “Joe, I’m not a kid anymore, did you forget I’m in High School now. High-Schoolers do not watch cartoons. You’ll get it one day.” Joe shrugged and continued watching his show. Lola made her little brother some breakfast but couldn’t bring herself to eat any, her stomach was in knots.
Lola went to the bathroom and examined her appearance. She didn’t quite understand what or who was staring back at her. How have things changed now I’m a teenager? she wondered. If I can’t watch cartoons, what do I watch? Questions like these had been swimming throughout Lola’s mind for the past few months. Apart from her name and date of birth, Lola didn’t really know herself these days. Her body was changing, her hips wider, breasts fuller and acne covered her once blemish free face. Her moods were all over the place, she often found herself angry for no reason at all and her little brother and parents often wore the brunt of it. She wondered if she were still a girl or now a woman like her mother. Not even google could answer the endless questions that Lola had about her new self.
“Lola, you have 5 minutes until we have to leave, hurry up!” her mother screeched. Lola examined herself for the final time in the mirror, unsure of whether her attire was ok for high-school. It had to
be, she had already tried on every single item of clothing she owned, in numerous combinations.
Lola, Joe and her mother packed into the car and made the journey to Lola’s new school, dropping Joe off at kindy first. “Mum what on earth are you doing?! Are you crazy?! You cannot drop me at the front gate, this is high-school! Drop me off around the corner, quick so no one can see me!” Lola’s mother giggled, reminiscing about her first day at high school. “Ok Ok I get it Lola, no one can see us, quickly jump out. Have a great day hunny.” she kissed Lola on the cheek as she jumped out of the car and made her way to work. Lola took a deep breath and walked up the stairs of her new high school. There were people everywhere. She had gone from being the tallest and oldest kid at junior school, to the youngest and shortest at high-school. She gazed across the crowds of teenagers, all in their own clicks. There was a group of punk rockers, with spiked colored hair and face jewelry, another group of goths with black heavy make-up and slayer t- shirts, a group of teens with dreads and Bob Marley shirts, in desperate n...


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2358 words - 10 pages achieve bottom line objectives. 2. Deviant Innovator – strategy where HR management applies new ideas and techniques driven by social values and sees employees as an asset. 3. Problem Solver – strategy where HR management role is to support and resolve problems in an organisation. Another interesting HR model is Ulrich’s model which is looking at people and their roles. According to this model importance of HR in organization is their focus on people