Human Resources And Concepts By Elves Manuel Cti Assignment

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Question 1
Customer order clerk job description
Customer order Clerk
Job Code
Recommended salary*
Job Family
reports to Thozama
Order processing Department
Location: Kwazulu Natal
Thosama is looking for an accurate and motivated Customer order Clerk to work at their customer order department. The candidate chosen will have the responsibility to accept and attend customer orders.
· Accepting e-mailed orders or orders called in via the telephone
· Looking up and verifying the stock number, price and current availability of each item ordered
· Looking up and verifying the customer number
· Issue new numbers for new customers after completing necessary documentation and credit checks
· Entering the customer number, items ordered and quantities on the computer system
· Arrange packing lists, shipping labels and invoices for customer’s order.
· Enter order into accounting records.
Required Knowledge and experience
· Matric or Diploma
· 1 year experience
· Strong written and verbal skills
· Accounting
· Social skills
Submitted by
Human Resources
Corporate Compensation
There are certain things that Thozama needs to keep in mind when conducting a job design.
Make the job analysis a joint effort by a human resources manager, the worker, and the worker's supervisor.
Make sure the questions and the process are both clear to the employees
Use several job analysis methods.
If several employees are doing the same job in different departments, collect information from different departments not just one.
The Position analysis questionnaire can be used for her collecting information on the clerical position, because it evaluates job skill level and basic characteristics of applicants for a set match of employment opportunity.It is inexpensive and it takes little time to conduct just how Thozama wants it.
Thozama could use Job design and move the staff from one job to another within the work environment with the goal to develop and train employees giving them information regarding the operation of the company.
Job enlargement and increase in the number of more duties and tasks in the job scope of an employee's work.
Job enrichment and take more control over their jobs including increasing the decision making and problem solving abilities of staff.
Question 2
Deciding if the company needs more employees. "Thozama carefully specified the types of jobs to be filled in her department and tried to determine the kinds of individual who might best fill them." A very good prevision in my opinion.
Striking a Balance
Thozama identified the weakness on the warehouse stock for the future competition."The competition in the market will capitalise on it and the stock in the warehouse needs to be turned over to prevent any losses".
Checking if statistics fit the company's goals. Since it has b...


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