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Human Resources Management Essay

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Humans are an organization's greatest assets. With out employees' daily business would grind to a halt. The job of human resources managers is to maximize organizational change, human potential, personal capabilities, time and talents. Human resources management (HRM) is the policies practice, and systems that influences employees' behavior, attitudes, and performances. Personal employed in the human resources departments of major companies have to be able to handle issues in the areas of: performances improvement, company policies, training, compensation, and benefits. (Jahn, 2009) Graeme Buckingham asserts that "employees leave managers instead of jobs" (Business insights, 2000) As modern ...view middle of the document...

HRIS will help to monitor employee skills and compare those skills with the needs and goals of the organization. No every part of technology helps HR managers. Technology has forced HR managers to try to say ahead of the curve on creating technology usage policies. Policies should be in place regulating items such as E-mail, blogs, social networking sights and so on. (Roberts, 2008)The growth of the internet has prompted the spread of electronic business (e-business). E-business is any process that a business conducts electronically, especially business involving the internet. The perpetual change in e-business requires "…companies to continually update their skill requirements and then recruit and train people to meet those requirements." (Noe, Hollenbeck, & Gerhart, 2007) The competition for such employees may be stiff and, often involves recruiting on the international scale.Gregory Stone an innkeeper from Cape Cod, Massachusetts' welcomes the arrival of seasonal workers from Jamaica each spring. Many of Stone's seasonal workers have been returning for years often inviting friends and relatives to work with them. Stone says "People from this country don't want the label that they work in housekeeping." (Zeidner, 2009, 44) For employers such as Gregory Stone it is important to try to maintain an equal employment opportunity (EEO). In response to EEO laws and market forces, many organizations to manage diversity, in an attempt to create an environment that allows all employees to contribute positively towards organizational goals, while experiencing personal growth. HR managers conduct or schedule diversity training designed to change the employees' attitudes about diversity and develop skills to aid in working in a diverse workforce. (Noe, Hollenbeck, & Gerhart, 2007)Today ethics is no more important then before but is definitely moved to the forefront of business thinking. Although organization's typically employee and ethics officer, who is responsible for developing ethical policies, creating communication related to the organization's code,...

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