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What is the ECHR?The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is an international treaty to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms in Europe. It was drafted in 1950 by the Council of Europe.Ireland was one of the first State's to ratify the ECHR in February 1953. All 47 Council of Europe member states are party to the ECHR. New members are expected to ratify the ECHR at the earliest opportunity.Ireland was, however, the slowest member state to "bring home" the rights in the Convention. Through the European Convention on Human Rights Act, 2003 , our Courts are now obliged to interpret Irish laws in a way that gives effect to Ireland's obligations under the ECHR.Organs of state ...view middle of the document...

The plaintiff lost on both counts. This decision has been negatively received by some commentators.Article 5Right to liberty and security1. Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. No one shall be deprived of his liberty save in the following cases and in accordance with a procedure prescribed by law:(a) The lawful detention of a person after conviction by a competent court;(b) the lawful arrest or detention of a person for noncompliance with the lawful order of a court or in order to secure the fulfilment of any obligation prescribed by law;8 9(c) the lawful arrest or detention of a person effected for the purpose of bringing him before the competent legal authority on reasonable suspicion of having committed an offence or when it is reasonably considered necessary to prevent his committing an offence or fleeing after having done so;(d) the detention of a minor by lawful order for the purpose of educational supervision or his lawful detention for the purpose of bringing him before the competent legal authority;(e) The lawful detention of persons for the prevention of the spreading of infectious diseases, of persons of unsound mind, alcoholics or drug addicts or vagrants;(f) The lawful arrest or detention of a person to prevent his effecting an unauthorised entry into the country or of a person against whom action is being taken with a view to deportation or extradition.2. Everyone who is arrested shall be informed promptly, in a language which he understands, of the reasons for his arrest and of any charge against him.3. Everyone arrested or detained in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 (c) of this Article shall be brought promptly before a judge or other officer authorised by law to exercise judicial power and shall be entitled to trial within a reasonable time or to release pending trial. Release may be conditioned by guarantees to appear for trial.4. Everyone who is deprived of his liberty by arrest or detention shall be entitled to take proceedings by which the lawfulness of his detention shall be decided speedily by a court and his release ordered if the detention is not lawful.5. Everyone who has been the victim of arrest or detention in contravention of the provisions of this Article shall have an enforceable right to compensation.Dispute resolution:The European Court of Human RightsThe Convention established the European Court of Human Rights. Any person who feels his/ her Convention rights have been violated can take a case to the Court. The Judgements of the Court are legally binding on the State who must rectify the problem. The Court has the power to award damages/ compensation. The amounts awarded are usually small.To apply to the European Court of Human Rights you must exhaust all domestic remedies available to you. The State Parties must attempt to reflect the Convention in their national laws thus preventing cases having to be taken to Strasbourg and thus assisting in lowering the backlog of o...


Paper On Human Rights Within Australian Law

2539 words - 11 pages Universally, human rights are fundamental privileges to which all people have claim. As they are automatic entitlements to each individual who is simply a member of humankind, governments cannot 'grant' or 'withdraw' human rights from anyone. Human rights are reflections of the values of society, with the focal purpose of human rights laws being to set the public standards of what is and what is not acceptable treatment towards individuals, as

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1415 words - 6 pages The idea of human rights for all is a relatively new concept. Thousands of years have past where slavery has existed, where human sacrifice has taken place, and where many other horrible things have been done to fellow human beings without regard to their unalienable rights. In Western civilization, for over the past century and a half the desire for human rights for all has become more and more evident. Anti-slavery movements, women?s rights

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2633 words - 11 pages Free NESANUMBER- HSC Legal Studies -- Capital Punishment HSC Legal Studies Part II Core: Human Rights NESA Number: -- Question A: With reference to your chosen contemporary human rights issue, outline the roles of one domestic AND one international organisation in protecting human rights. (200 words - 4 marks) Reprieve Australia and Amnesty International are two organisations which strive to protect human rights and support the eradication of capital

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1402 words - 6 pages This essay will consider how the law in the United Kingdom has to find a balance between competing human rights. It will firstly provide an overview of Human Rights outlining the progression through the years of the Human Rights ideology before moving to look specifically at the law on privacy and family discipline and the issues faced by the courts in balancing the different Human Rights. The term Human Rights refers to the basic rights of all

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3225 words - 13 pages Free for police in their investigations by storing DNA profiles. Despite its usefulness, it is a very controversial area due to its interference with rights of individuals especially privacy rights because of the individuals informations contained in DNA. This retention of personal data arise a new form of privacy, the genetic privacy. Privacy is a major principle of human rights of individuals and a wide notion highly protected by the European Court

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1229 words - 5 pages Joey Muir 3/18/18 The Detainment of Terrorists Suspects: Does it breach Human Rights ‘Human Rights’ are fundamental principles entitled to each person regardless of gender, age, beliefs, or background, these rights comprise of dignity, equality and mutual respect (Australian Human Rights

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552 words - 3 pages Free Ahmad Mohammadi Block 2 English 12 Human Rights Human rights during the Enlightenment had a huge impact on culture as we see it today, because of the enhancements made in politics to improve human rights. The Enlightenment was the first real birth of the idea of human rights, paving the way for our current human rights structures. As a result, a departure from the State and the Crown can be seen. This movement started to encourage individualism

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480 words - 2 pages Daniela Meza 1st Period Ms.Gamez What can a person do to defend the human rights of all people Didn't we born to be free? As humans we have the right to be born free as Delano Roosevelt said ” Where, after all, do universal rights begin? In small places, close to home(...) unless these rights have meaning there, they have aa little meaning anywhere” Roosevelt meant that all rights are important for people and he declare that not just Americans

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1593 words - 7 pages issue of oil company activity in the region was beginning to attract the attention of groups outside Nigeria, as well as prompting protest from within the country. One such group, Human Rights Watch reported: "Despite the vast wealth produced from the oil found under the Delta, the region remains poorer than the national average; and […] the divisions between the rich and poor are more obvious in the areas where gas flares light up the night sky

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680 words - 3 pages In this task I will look at the rights of the individual and how the public services balance these rights in order to keep society safe, and the individual still content and with full human rights.The rights of the individual are the same as people's human rights; these include things such as freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, the right to life and quite a few more. These human rights should always be aloud in society; no one should be

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2251 words - 10 pages -Defence, was a political organisation founded by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton in October 1966 Oakland, California. I would argue that points 1 And 7 Were the most important in the Black Panthers 10 point plan as they touch an primordial human rights mentioned in both the American Constitution and the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Point number One is all about Freedom, a basic human right that is guaranteed under the constitution and the UN

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3813 words - 16 pages weeks and no one wanted her, my mother finally let me keep her. Animal cruelty is against the law; therefore people must treat animals with kindness and respect.According to the website entitled "All Creatures Animal Rights: Our Philosophy", All of God's creatures have rights. This is a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. Human beings and animals are both God's creatures, so they both must have rights. Animal rights are the concept of

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641 words - 3 pages his raw, human emotions of frustration. He was not screaming fire into a crowded theater, causing a commotion and endangering lives. This is only one of many cases in which the FCC has unjustly imposed fines upon individuals exercising their freedom of speech.When a law or limitation on one's rights is considered by Congress a balancing test is taken into account: weather the benefits of the law outweigh the loss of freedom. With the instant law

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1978 words - 8 pages Free Legal system to give these inmates who are fellow human beings the same basic rights and treatment that every human deserves, and to hold the people trying to limit those freedoms accountable for their actions. In the US Prison system guards are not protecting the inmates; rather, they are either the source of the prisoners’ torment or encourage an environment where abuse of prisoners by other prisoners is acceptable; subsequently, this is a

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1682 words - 7 pages each other, and helped make each other" (Howard-Pitney 19). They were not asking for anything that was not already guaranteed them by the constitution and laws of the United States of America. They wanted the whites and government to give them the basic internationally recognized human rights and their American Civil rights. They wanted the recognition that they are human, and equal to other segments of society. Dr. King wanted integration, and