Humanities Essay #2: X Men Analysis On Racial Tensions Humanities 1 Essay

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Samarth Srinivasa
Samarth Srinivasa 
Professor Watschke 
Humanities 1 
14 November 2018 
Humanities Essay #2 
​“​X-men​:​ Days of Future Past​”,​ particularly the dispute between the X-men​,​ The 
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and various U.S​. ​Politicians, confronts the issue of 
segregation, discrimination​,​ racial tension, and civil rights that has caused divisions 
throughout the country since its conception while using colorful frames and graphics 
techniques to further emphasize this concept​. “ ​Days of Future Past” persuades the 
audience to ponder about the complexities of a cultural phenomenon that continue to 
create tension and debate across the world​,​ by applying the same concept to the X-men. 
In the Comic, the X-men are seen as a “different race​”,​ and are thus persecuted by the 
humans​.​ In Retaliation to this persecution, a group of Mutants dub themselves “The 
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants​”, ​who see mutants as an evolved form of humans, and are 
thus entitled to rule over mankind​.​ As the forces of good and evil clash throughout the 
Samarth Srinivasa
comic​,​ the graphic frames and the themes highlight themselves similarily weave 
themselves through the story​.  
In ​“​X-men: Days of Future Past”, mutants are persecuted by politicians and other 
powerful individuals due to their ​“​Misfit Identity”. In the first few pages of the comic 
book​,​ Cyclops mentions an anthropologist by the name of Bolivar Trask who spoke of 
the mutants as a menace and turned the X-men into​ “​Public Enemies overnight”. This 
Anti​-​Mutant Ideology that Trask employs is similar to oppressive forces like the Ku Klux 
Klan​,​ who deny some groups civil rights, merely for being different and a minority in 
society. This “Racial Discrimination​”​ is further shown through the graphics in the comic 
book, where many of the X-men are seen in colorful costumes in public​,​ which helps 
identify the X-men from the ​“​Normal Humans”, when in reality many mutants normally 
dress like “Normal Humans​”​ in private and are not as different as regular people. This 
display of the blurred lines in reality between the ​“​Different” X-men and the normal 
mutants showcase how many people view groups as different when in reality they are 
much more similar and ​“​Normal” than they realize.  
Samarth Srinivasa
The ​“​Misfit Identity” accompanied with Mutants become further emphasized with 
the similarities between the discrimination that the LGBT community faces and the scorn 
that mutants face​. ​The Mutants can be seen as an allusion to the LGBT community, as 
many of the mutants develop their powers during adolescence and many mutants ​“​Hiding 
in a closet​”​ due to the scorn they would receive from politicians and the media for being 
“Born Different​”​. This is especially prevalent in characters that are both LGBT and 
Mutant, such as Mystique​, ​who has to d...


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