Humanties An Assignment About The Study Of Humanities And Hoe It Effects The World Fgc Assignment

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Rashiya Bradley
Professor Murdzhev
Introduction to the Humanites
January 21, 2019
Response Paper 2
After reading the pages and absorbing paintings in chapters two , I came to conclusion that the three images that were the best three painting in the gallery were: “Study for Great American Nude”, “Margaret Evans Pregnant” and “Sleeping Venus”. All paintings showed a great content of nude painting in the early days.
The first prize goes to “Study for Great American Nude”. This painting was created by artist Tom Wesselmann in 1975. This is one of my favorite nude painting because no only because its oddly nude, but because it so vibrant it has so many warm vibrant colors. It makes you think of modern day in those high school movies that start of with the popular girl waking up in here bed before she gets ready for school. This most unique part of this painting is that it doesn’t have a face just only a mouth and that’s it. It’s kind of weird but its what makes this painting so interesting.
The second prize goes to the “Sleeping Venus” painting. This art work was painted by Italian Renaissance painter Giorgione in 1510. This painting get second because although it might not have the same vibrant color as the first prize painting did it still is interesting. When I look at this painting I think about how her body is like...

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