Humbert's Struggle To Comprehend What He Has Done. Class Essay

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Ojeda 2
Ashley Ojeda
Dr. Lambert
ENC 1102
5 April 2019
A Pedophiles Confusion for Righteousness.
When a human loses control of their lust, there is no telling what may occur. Whether breaking moral laws, or not lust remains something that man struggles to contain with every vein in their body. The novel “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov, is in the perspective of the main character, whose name is Humbert Humbert. Humbert tells his story in his own perspective as he is speaking to the jury. Humbert is a man with a lack of restraint, who allows his lust to control him and go against the moral responsibilities he is required to do. Humbert will go in contradiction of all his moral beliefs influenced by society to complete his hearts truest desires, even if it ruins him.
Humbert Humbert fails to correctly follow along his duties as a husband to Mrs. Haze. His desire for Dolores Haze fogs Humbert’s mind so intensely that he forgets his position. When Mrs. Haze finds out about the letters Humbert has written for Dolores, Humbert does not truly try to cover it. Soon later, Charlotte Haze ran out of the house and jumped in front of a car, not caring for her life. He failed in his duties as a husband and felt great grief. At this point, Vladimir Nabokov allows the reader to see that Humbert has a sense of morality that allows himself to know whether something is wrong or not. “My first night of widowhood I was so drunk”, (Nabokov 99). This reveals Humbert’s emotions towards his own guilt. Not being able to handle the thought that he could have caused the death of someone else, Humbert drinks away his problems
The main character’s desires cause him to become clueless of his responsibilities. In chapter 29, Vladimir Nabokov writes about Humbert making love with Lolita. Humbert does not explicitly state that he had sex with Lolita, for the reason that he does not want to believe that it was something as sinful as that. “I am not concerned with so-called “sex” at all”, (Nabokov 134). By saying sex in a more sarcastic format, Humbert makes the action that occur seem less serious. This allows himself to avoid his fatherly responsibilities to his daughter. Humbert is aware that Dolores’s only guardian is himself, but decides to ignore that fact.
Humbert believes that he can convince not only Dolores Haze, but himself, that a Father should shape their daughter’s romantic perspectives towards men. Humbert tells Lolita about a book which claims that “sexual relations between a father and his daughter are accepted”, (Nabokov 150). If Humbert is be able to persuade the victim that his actions are justified than he will not feel as much guilt. Humans struggle to perform task when there is no justification for it, but once it is added they simply cannot stop themselves from fulfilling their deepest wishes. If the people around Humbert begin to believe that what he has is more than just lust for a minor, than he can believe it himself.
There is only one situation in which...

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