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Hunting, A Recipe For Murder Essay

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What could be better than enjoying the outdoors with some friends, getting in touch with nature, and hunting game? How about helping to save these hunted living beings from malevolent extermination. Each year tens of millions of innocent creatures are preyed upon by weapon and trap-bearing humans. Unfortunately the killing of these animals has gone from basic survival to profiteering and recreation. Hunting programs create an even worse environment; such as "buck-only" hunts that leaving up to eight does per buck. These hunts coupled which "predator hunts" leave little balance left in our ecosystem, in turn leaving prey populations way off balance. It is a malicious world we live in when one ...view middle of the document...

When left alone, an ecosystem runs quite smoothly for the reason that predators kill the weakest prey, leaving the strong to survive. Hunters go for the strong healthy animals leaving only the sick and weak. Speaking apart from deaths, imagine how an animal feels being chased or shot. These animals have feelings and receive a feeling of terror and severe panic when they are shot at, when their parents or children are killed, and when they are injured and unable to run away. It has been estimated that for every animal a hunter recovers, two wounded animals die a slow and painful death. Along the line of slow and painful deaths comes perhaps the cruelest type of hunting, trapping.Trapping is usually done for fur, prize, or sometimes sustenance. The stylish fur attire seen everywhere typically comes from the fur of a trapped animal. Although some actually make a living from these fatalities, over 95% of all trapping is "sport" trapping. Perhaps the most terrible trap would be the leghold trap. Although it has been banned in 63 countries, only four states have banned this barbaric trap. The basic instinct of an animal, even a human, would be to struggle for freedom, unfortunately nature didn't grant animals proper tools to open these traps. An average of 12 hours after being trapped, and animal endures gross fatigue and will eventually die from frostbite, shock, blood loss, or even...

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