HVS11 Final Exam: U.S. Government And Politics Test - Final Exam

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8.1.3 Final Exam: U.S. Government and Politics Test

1. Give a basic definition of the word government. (4 points)
2. Economic stability is one of the five major purposes of government. In a paragraph, explain why economic
stability is an important governmental purpose. Then briefly describe how the U.S. government fulfills that
purpose. (8 points)
3. The chart below indicates that there are some governmental powers delegated to the federal government,
some powers reserved for the state governments, and some powers shared by state and federal
governments. Identify eight of those powers. Make sure that you identify at least one power in each
category. You may write your answer on the chart or in the margin, so long as you clearly indicate where
each of the eight powers belongs. (8 points)
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4. Complete the table. (8 points)
The Federal Bureaucracy (Executive Branch)
I. Executive Office of the
5. Contrast liberal and conservative political positions. What principles and positions is each likely to hold?
Identify four principles or positions held by liberals and four principles or positions held by conservatives. You
may write your answer out in sentences or construct a chart. (8 points)
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6. What is an interest group? What actions do interest groups take to connect citizens with government? (8
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7. There are five steps in the policy cycle. The first two are named below. Name the other three. Briefly
describe each step. Your answer does not have to be a complete sentence, but it does have to make sense.
(8 points)
1. Agenda setting:
2. Formulation:
8. What is the doctrine of incorporat...

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