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A hypothesis is a proposal that answers observations or facts by requiring researchers to investigate further in order for the hypothesis to be true. I have chosen an article that has to do with technology. In this paper I will attempt to explain the hypothesis and answer on whether the hypothesis was accepted or rejected. If the hypothesis was accepted I will also attempt to explain the implications of the experiments findings.HypothesisIn today's world technology is widely used, from the use of computers for businesses and personal use in the home, to listening to music with mp3 players and iPods. While the use of technology is banned for most schools, in 2004, Duke University decided to conduct an experiment to see if the use of iPods could enhanc ...view middle of the document...

Acceptance or Rejection of HypothesisAlthough most schools ban the use of technology in the school, some schools decided to accept Duke University's hypothesis with surprising results. Researchers conducted four different studies in two middle schools and two elementary schools from both urban and rural areas to see how the use of an iPod can improve reading, writing and other skills, with the English Language Learners, ELLs, students. In three of the studies an improvement was seen in writing and vocabulary skills, while yet another study showed an increase in the student's comprehension skills (Lacina, 2008). The increase in skills improvements comes from the student's ability to use podcasts using their iPods, "a video or audio file that has been posted onto the internet for the student to download at a later time to their iPod" (Now We Are Talking).Implication of FindingsIn researching the hypothesis set forth by Duke University it has been proven that the use of iPods does enhance student learning, as seen with the English Language Learners. The implication of these findings are; students are learning listening and vocabulary skills while out of school, students are allowed to improve their writing skills by being allowed to create and publish their own podcasts, and it enforces the idea that the use of technology in schools provide the skills necessary for students to be able to succeed in today's world.ReferencesJan Lacina (2008), Learning English With iPods, Childhood Education, 84(4), 247-249Retrieved May 14, 2008 from Career and Technical Education database(Document ID: 1473995941).Podcasts definition, www.nowwearetalking.com.au/Home/Page.aspx Retrieved May 16,2008.


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