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I Am Currently A Senior At Daniel Murphy, And I

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I am currently a senior at Daniel Murphy, and I have been here for four years and can not see myself anywhere else. If you are thinking of attending Daniel Murphy you are probably thinking how is it better or different from any other high school that you are thinking of attending. You will go through this same process when you are where I am in 12th grade, and thinking of which college to attend. Which people say is on of the biggest decisions in our lives. Well in that case your high school choice is up there as well. It depends on what high school you choose to attend, on which colleges you will apply for. Daniel Murphy is a college ...view middle of the document...

Another positive is that you receive more teacher attention and aid being there is a smaller student to faculty ratio. If you are a young man thinking about attending Murphy, you are probably saying what I was saying to myself. Yea it is all boys, but there is more good out of that than you think. Well for me it helps me stay more focus on school. I know that if I were at a coed high school I would not be on the honor roll. It's not like you will never see girls again either. There are always opportunities to interact with sister schools. At Murphy you would never have to worry about things related with girl or boys for that matter. Most sport teams here at Murphy are very strong and strive on teamwork. For those athletes entering high school, you will have a better chance making a team here with the fewer amount of students.Which will open you up to opportunities for scholarships for college. A strong factor for my parents decision in sending me to Murphy was the cost of tuition. The cost a Daniel Murphy education is less expensive at other high schools. Daniel Murphy was not my first choice high school choice, it was St. Monica's, but I did not attend for other reasons. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and maybe it was just apart of my life plan to attend high school here. Without Daniel Murphy I do not know where I would be, this school has open me up to so much and deepen my relationship with God.

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