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Jayanna Perez
Professor Stephens
Social Work
2 May 2018
Term Paper Option 1
In the Military there are many different problems that can go wrong with those involved on the battle front and for their families. The Military is not easy for the candidate or those that they will be leaving behind. To intercede on the possible things that could go wrong there is a social worker placed in this line of work to help those who are in need while going through the process of fighting and training for war. When a person goes to war there are many things that could go wrong. A candidate could be developing PTSD from the front lines, PTSD from the training that could be harsh compared to the simple lifestyle that they could have been in before and in worse case scenarios the candidate could die due to those harsh conditions and the family could be in a bad position after. This is where a social worker on the inside of a base could come into play and how they play a major role on the base close to those who might be going through these things that were stated above.
While you are taking a leave from your life to join the military, you are just like the rest of the candidates except you would not be going to battle. According to Professor Scottie Rae Stephens being a military social worker you would have to dedicate three years to it. During this time you would be called at random and be stationed wherever they place you without having a say in it because it is your job. During these three years you are payed whatever your wage is and an additional 2,000 or so for housing. The reason you get the bonus money is for if you chose to live off the base to have a time away and not be one the base all the time. Along with this your spouse could also come along with you if you so choose to do that. They would come with you as your dependant and could stay on base with you or if you choose to use the extra money to live off base, you can do that.
The purpose of this field is to work as someone who the candidates could talk to or diagnose if you have the power to do so. As a military social worker, you, “support military personnel facing deployment and the anxiety of active duty and veterans coping with physical and psychological effects upon returning to their communities,” (USC). These social workers also work with the families of those who are emotionally affected by their loved ones being in war and the physical and emotional struggles that they may return with. Alongside with working with those who have been emotionally affected they work with those who have also been financially affected. These military social workers are there to help in many scenarios and also tend to schools and communities that have been military impacted.
Although there has always been a need for this field of work, recently having social workers joining the military has been a growing process since 1945. They shoulder the responsibility to guide and help those who are serving to serve at th...


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