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My chest heaves, beads of sweat roll off my forehead, my lungs gasp ... I love to run. Running is not so much a passion as it is a yearning. It's a painful, disgusting sport almost entirely devoid of any glory or gratification, yet peaceful and satisfying. My body aches after a good race or a long day at practice, but for some reason I can never pass up an opportunity to sprint those one hundred meters of fury I crave so much. I'm not the best runner; I'm nothing more than a mediocre, partially decorated team member, bu ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes I hate track and just want to stop running ... but I can't. I refuse to give up on something so important, so real. Running is my release from all the pressures and conformist ideals placed upon me. When I'm on the track, I don't have to answer questions; I don't have to live up to any scholarly expectations or be the perfect son. I concentrate everything negative into one focal point and just run ... and that is why I do it.I joined the track team during the spring of my sophomore year. At first I was unsure about which event I would enjoy or be most successful at, but I found my niche. I run the 100 meters, the shortest and quite possibly most intense race. I have dedicated myself to improving my performance every time I step on the track, and the most effective way is always to keep my eye on the finish line. I push my mind, body and soul to the limit in a never-ending struggle for self-improvement, ignoring other competitors. If I come in last, but still manage to shave one tenth of a second off my time, I consider my effort a success. Although I've only been on the track team for a few years, I've been running all my life. I don't run away from my problems, but always toward my goals.


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616 words - 3 pages . When speaking to her  mother about the proposal she responds,”It is an honor that I dream not of.”(I, 3, 66)  Romeo was kind to her, and if she chose to marry him at least it would be her own  decision. It’s not love between them it is an act of lust and rebellion.  “Romeo and Juliet” is not a tale to aspire to. It’s a story of heartbreak, rebellion,  and tragedy. It isn’t the fairy tale, modern society has made it. Shakespeare wrote a  play


2488 words - 10 pages Armaan Kothari Sociology 132 SOCIAL AUTOETHNOGRAPHY Armaan Kothari Social Auto-Ethnogrpahy 2 The biggest decision I have made in my life yet, was to come to college to the United States. My family owns a business in India which I aspire to run some day and I could have stayed home, studied and worked simultaneously. Instead, after noticing the number of classmates and family members going abroad to receive higher education, my family and friends

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491 words - 2 pages well as the lives of others who gave the huge love for me. I aspire to build the brighter future for the world, my family, as well as myself. My parents taught me the gratification of hard work, that promotes me always do my best in whatever I want and never be pleased with the things that I did. They also taught me to be independent and self-motivated by providing me opportunities to learn by trials and mistakes. Because of that respect them

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1297 words - 6 pages not let his family situation affect him and he creates his own vision for his life. Gatsby stays faithful to his conception of himself until eventually, he becomes very successful and wealthy. This may have caused lower class citizens to take a look at the story of Jay Gatsby and aspire to greater things themselves just as Gatsby did. As a reader of The Great Gatsby, I found that my own experiences in life affected the way that I interpreted and

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558 words - 3 pages Mara Trevino May 23, 2018 Daily Activity 3.1: Extended Assignment Does a story have to come from the author’s own experience? No the story doesn’t have to come from the author’s experience, I think, generally true that most writers write either fiction or nonfiction, to the exclusion of the other, most of the time. They enjoy investigating the lives of others, like a detective, or perhaps a spy. They read other people’s letters and diaries, and

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1486 words - 6 pages and break free of the shackles of my comfort zone. I aspire to contribute to the best of my capabilities, rather beyond them and solve problems that are yet unsolved. My PhD studies will surely empower me to build on a strong practical and academic background and find relevance between my past experiences and future undertakings. My long term professional goal is to establish strong bridge between academia and industry through research. I am

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1145 words - 5 pages Alexandra Shannon Composition 1 10/15/18 “The One” Who would have known one night would change my life forever? It is crazy how one person will bring out the best and worst in you. In the worst times of my life I showed myself who I was and aspire to be. This is the story of how I became a better me. Bringing you back in time to 2016, it was the first weekend night I had off work from Cold Stone Creamery in over a month. One of my friends

Identity Themes In "Naruto"

1066 words - 5 pages a hidden ninja village. Many of the villagers aspire to become ninjas offering there lives to defend the village and fight wars. Naruto’s dream is to become the strongest ninja in the village and eventually the leader so everyone will acknowledge and respect him.Kishimoto has shown that your identity is shaped by your culture, society and early childhood experiences.Naruto is teamed up with peers and they are sent on many missions together

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1063 words - 5 pages each one the discipline in achieving a goal which can lead to higher work productivity. It may not be something that we can naturally inherit but it can be learned and developed. As a leader, I always aspire to leave a remarkable footstep and make a difference. Another learning I gained from this course is the practice of appreciating people around you. Since I work with groups of people most of the time, I learned how to maintain good working

Batman- The Perfect Role Model

832 words - 4 pages America's fascination with comic books and cartoons filled with superheroes has created an empire of almost epic proportions. Upon my arrival in America, two of the myriad of comic book characters on offer immediately captured my attention, - Batman and Superman. I was informed by those "in the know" that Superman is the greatest superhero there is, and Batman never seems to get enough credit. After watching a great number of Batman and Superman

The different types of ideas in "The Necklace" and "The Joy Luck Club" - English 1 honors - Essay

871 words - 4 pages We all can accede when I say that we all have dreams. Despite this being true, the difference is the way we realise our dream, acquire our dream, and how our dream affects us. People have different dreams and aspirations that they aspire to accomplish during their lifetime. This is defined as the longing or desire for a condition or achievement. Dreams contain both positive and negative aspects. This is evident in the stories, “The Joy Luck Club

With Reference To Masculinity And Or Femininity Discuss The View That Lifestyle Magazines Offer Their Audience A Conservative Construction Of Gender

1022 words - 5 pages Free , this does not show a conservative view of women. As the magazine doesn't show a conservative point of view the reader gains pleasure, as it is a type of voyeurism.Esquire is another men's magazine I looked at the February 2002 edition so as to compare the two magazines. Esquire has similarities and differences to the ideologies promoted in FHM. On the cover of Esquire the shape of the font is different, it is more stylish and sophisticated, this

The Study Of The Negro

815 words - 4 pages members of the family of mankind. The Negro has been up at times and at times has been down. Even though they contributed to the progress of the world by the discovery of iron they were put back down in place so they don't start to question and learn. If you teach a Negro that he has accomplished as good as any other race he will aspire equality and justice without regard to race. "The Negro can be proud of his past by approaching it scientifically

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1050 words - 5 pages U1 AC 1.1 U1 AC1.1 U1 AC 1.1 What is my role as a teacher? As a teacher, one of my main roles is to deliver accredited training courses in the subject of mechanical joint integrity to an awarding body and company standard to students who are already currently employed or are seeking employment within the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. My main role is to train and motivate students to develop their abilities and aspire them to learn and

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1751 words - 8 pages remain our role model that would push us forward and inspire us for the rest of our life. They say that, "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal", I am forever grateful to you and your memories will be all along the way. Farewell Othello, farewell. A Eulogy for Othello           The first time I saw the general was on the battlefield. That was the one and only place a lowly foot soldier like me could aspire