I Can Forget The Whole World, But Not You

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Nowadays many old people have Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. An old couple, Mr. and Mrs. Wang, from Taiwan, have both suffered from the Alzheimer's for a long time. However, their love, so far, has changed little despite the diagnosis. Their story is just like what is described in an old song:^ I can forget the whole world, but not you. ̄   Mr. Wang, 85, is a retired army officer. He has been marrying his 69-year-old wife for 50 years. The couple suffers in succession the Alzheimer's disease when getting old. The disease took their health and memory away, but couldn't change their decades of deep feelings of each other. They forget everything, but still recognize each other's face. They look for the other's company at any time.   Mr. and Mrs. Wang hold each other's hands tightly when taking a walk outside. Only losing the view of his wife for a minute, Mr. Wang will be very anxious.   Mr. Wang usually got angry when forgetting his location. When feeling the bad temper of his husband, Mrs. Wang would lose her temper at the same time and help his husband to blame others.   Recently, Mrs. Wang's condition worsened. She had to receive 24 hours' care in the care center. Mr. Wang had to leave his wife every evening. The separation was hard every time, Mr. Wang kept saying: ^Where's my wife? I have to take her home. ̄   Contrary to Mr. Wang's anxiety, Mrs. Wang, in a serious stage of disease, appeared happy every day. She liked to wear red dress and told the people around her that she was going to be married. When people asked her whom she will marry, she voiced out clearly and proudly the name of her husband. Her memory stopped at the happiest period of her life forever.   


A Night I Can Never Forget Assignment

443 words - 2 pages A Perfect Evening It was one of the most perfect evenings in my entire life when I had a date with the person I love. Everything went more than amazing as if I was reborn again. It was an evening that opened the doors of a new world for me. A world that is full of contentment. I never thought such an evening would change my life.It started first when this person called me and asked me out for a date. I dressed my new marvellous dark red dress

English creative writing on something or rather I forget not gonna lie - harvard university - essay

1087 words - 5 pages example of this is within the line “Even the wind can no longer stir” to represent the lack of change and progression the community has fallen under. Another being “echoes of laughter roll like distant thunder, but unlike a storm cannot pass by”; as storms more often than not are periods of darkness which eventually come to a closure, but in this case remains in this constant state, stuck in time. This is furthered by the accompanying ‘Hysterical

Can you claim to be a Christian and not believe in the Resurrection?

404 words - 2 pages a whole and we must accept it all.Some people can be extremely good and follow Jesus' teachings, without believing He has risen from the dead. But if He isn't still alive, then the concept of eternal life is wrong. Jesus' Resurrection proved to us that His followers will not die, but will go to Heaven with Him. If we don't believe that Jesus is alive, then He cannot help us today.The great event is a testimony to the accuracy of the Bible

talking about how you can have religion but also belive in scince - Wooster Thoughts and actions - Eassy

795 words - 4 pages religion can go together and not contradict one another​.​ ​Then he applies each of the models to various fields that science and religion are in and claim to have knowledge in​.​ Those fields being ​evolution​,​ genetics​,​ neuroscience​,​ and divine intervention​.​ ​I picked the chapter were he wrote about his first model conflict which is a model that says if one thing is true that in turn means that the other is ​false​.​ My stance is opposite

How 'Roseanne', the tv show relates to the sociological aspect of women and work. I had to write this for an extra credit paper, it's not great, but it gets the point across

524 words - 3 pages Ever since I started college in the fall, I haven't really been able towatch as much television that I would like to. I have been able too catchsnippets here and there, but nothing really "in depth". One show that I usedto watch was Roseanne. Some of the things that seem natural to thecharacters on the show reflect what we have been studying all semester inthis class.Roseanne, a wife and a mother of three, is a stubborn, loud, andobnoxious

its lowkey a game im not sure what game but i need access and im not paying - emerson and english - assignment

1795 words - 8 pages Health Clinic with legal documentation of custody to ensure that privacy rights can be enforced. Ethnicity: Native American ____ African American ____ Latino ____ Asian ____ Pacific ____ Caucasian ____ Other ___________. Parent(s)/Guardian(s): **The person completing the intake packet must be listed first** 1st Parent/Guardian Full Name: _______________________________ DOB: ______________ SS#: _________________ Are you the Insured Party

What is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

445 words - 2 pages though it is his wife, lady Macbeth, a dominant and persevering woman, who kills Duncan, he also suffers from an uneasy conscious which slowly devours him from the inside, but he remains stable until the end.Even though Macbeth doesn't exactly sell his soul to the devil, still he condems it to torture. What he gains, power over Scotland for a short period of time, is also not worth a human soul.In a few words, nothing, not even magic, power, absolute knowledge and dominance over the world is a good enough reason for one to give up their humanity. Our souls are the most precious of gifts given to us as living beings and are way too precious to be exchanged for anything.

Narrative, a story I made for English and If you want it you can have it - Palo verde - Essay

720 words - 3 pages long I've became stone cold now that your here I can leave and you can take my place!” Tiffany and Zack begged not to be left there, The Shadow looked with regret but had no choice it was his time to go and no one was going to change his mind. It's been a few weeks, and Tiffany had fallen ill she couldn't go another day without food or talking to her daughter Zoe. That night Tiffany passed away in Zacks arms and he cried all night long. ” Why would

Romeo And Juliet's Love Is Not Real Love, But Only An Idea Of The Real Aspect Of True Love

1161 words - 5 pages honour that I dream not of (1.3.64-67)." Juliet's mother thinks that she is "?yet a stranger in the world, she hath not seen the change of fourteen years (2.1.8-9)?" At her families party, which Romeo attended, Juliet told Romeo, "You kiss by th' book (1.5.109)." In this, Juliet is saying directly that she knows how characters in a book kiss; like she has kissed a character out of a book before.What is love? People, including myself, have many

What Did Marx Mean By The Statement That 'Capital Is Not A Thing, But A Social Relation Between Persons'?

2416 words - 10 pages Free thought. I will conclude with an assessment of the relevance of these ideas today.Marx pointed out that 'capital is not a thing, but a social relation' in Capital (v1) and similarly argued in Labour and Capital that 'Capital is a social relation of production. It is a historical relation of production'. My interpretation of this is that capital can take many forms, but throughout it symbolizes economic relationships between people, whether individually

psychology the different way how it can take you - writting - psychology

499 words - 2 pages of the individuals and the particular phenomenon being studied. Disadvantage: although scientist wants fast result, concentrating attention on special group of people can make it difficult to control any observation to the larger population as a whole. Studying a large group of subjects can cause confusion and on steady data. Naturalistic Observation: understanding how behavior transpires in its natural perspective. Advantage: The greatest

In Defense Of Gambling: The Flip-Side Of The Coin You Are Not Told About

1241 words - 5 pages , of course, is not the amount bet but the amount lost by customers succumbing to the vigorish--the house's edge. You also don't hear this being acknowledged by people whose livelihood comes from fighting compulsive gambling and who are, therefore, somewhat motivated to exaggerate the problem's magnitude. Gambler Anonymous, the National Council on Problem Gambling, the Compulsive Gambling Center, the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems

What The World Ends With You means to me - English, 7th Grade - Essay

1308 words - 6 pages whole world out so I would never have to worry about any more pain or sorrow. What I didn’t realize was that no matter how hard I wanted to I never could…the words they said would always be their torturing my sprit, soul, body and mind. But I pretended and that pretending made me feel happier….made me feel as though I didn’t need friends even though I knew I did. When I began playing the game I was immediately entranced in its characters and the

Consider The View That The Development And Management Of Tourism At Destination Can Not Be Left Entirely In The Hands Of The Private Sector

1563 words - 7 pages current global trend of economic decentralization and privatization, the travel and tourism industry now enjoys a relatively high degree of operation autonomy. Therefore, some people argue that the management and development of the whole tourism industry can be left entirely in the hands of the private sector, to exert its flexibility and energy without being tied to a public bureaucratic system with its hierarchy and management principles. Are

How does the Birmingham Letter relate to you - Tougaloo College World Literature - Essay

686 words - 3 pages bible as he protested white oppression. Dr. King’s dedication to the Black community and his strong nonviolent stance to injustice inspires me to be there for my African American community and aid in any way I can as well. Furthermore, Dr. King’s letter encourages me to not be afraid to stand up to oppression and ridicule. King mention in his letter that African Americans tried to desegregate by meeting government officials. He was not afraid of