I Don't Know What To Do With My Life Bro O My God Cw Jefferys Essay

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674 Good
674 Good
Your credit score of 674 is better than 17% of Canadian consumers.
The Equifax Credit Score ™ ranges from 300-900. Higher scores are viewed more
Delinquency Rates*
Equifax Credit Report and Score ™ as of 05/07/2018
Name: Wahidullah Shujaee
Confirmation Number: 3340804933
Credit Score Summary
Where You Stand
The Equifax Credit Score™ ranges from 300-900. Higher scores are viewed more
favorably. Your Equifax credit score is calculated from the information in your Equifax
Credit Report. Most lenders would consider your score good. Based on this score, you
should be able to qualify for credit with average interest rates and offers.
Range 300 - 559
560 - 659
660 - 724
725 - 759
Very Good
760 +
Canada Population 4% 10% 15% 14% 57%
What's Impacting Your Score
Below are the aspects of your credit profile and history that are important to your Equifax credit score. They are listed in order of impact
to your score - the first has the largest impact, and the last has the least.
Worst rating ever on monoline credit cards trades.
Percent balance to high credit of open personal finance trades.
Worst rating ever on national credit cards trades.
Your Loan Risk Rating
The Bottom Line :
Lenders consider many factors in addition to your score when
making credit decisions. However, most lenders would consider
you to be a moderate risk. You may not qualify for credit with all
lenders. When you do qualify for credit, you may pay higher
interest rates and be subject to more restrictive loan terms than
those with higher scores If you're in the market for credit, this is
what you might expect:
You may not qualify for high credit limits on your credit card.
You are likely to pay higher interest rates on all types of loans than
those with higher scores.
The loan terms you receive may be somewhat restrictive.
It is important to understand that your credit score is not the only
* Delinquency Rate is defined as the percentage of borrowers
who reach 90 days past due or worse (such as bankruptcy or
account charge-off) on any credit account over a two year period.
factor that lenders evaluate when making credit decisions.
Different lenders set their own policies and tolerance for risk, and
may consider other elements, such as your income, when
analyzing your creditworthiness for a particular loan.
Personal Information
Personal Data Other Names:
SIN: 530XXX904
Date of Birth: 1981-02-XX
Current Address Previous Address
Address: 142 PLANTER CRES
Address: 3444 KEELE ST #702
Date Reported: 2012-09 2011-07 2008-03 Date Reported: 2012-09 2011-07 2008-03
Current Employment Previous Employment
Occupation: Occupation: TRUCK DRIVER COURIER SER
Occupation: UNEMPLO...


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