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I Forgive You Essay

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As I watched Orpheus' prone figure in the distance, a thought kept processing in my mind. Why wasn't he with his friends? I hesitated going up to him because of that fight we had a few days ago but he looked so sad and forlorn, I decided to do so anyways.Well, nothing could've prepared me for the revelation that revealed itself to me.Earlier today..."Mom, I'm leaving!" I all but shouted while struggling with the confines of my jacket and looking around the kitchen for my lunch money. There was an odd scent in the air, a sweet...somewhat familiar scent. Ignoring the thought, I knew I'd figure out what it was sooner or later. After not having been able to spot the five-dollar bill, I figured ...view middle of the document...

I guess they weren't all that awake, either, because they didn't even utter a sound of protest.Finally having found an empty seat, I plopped down and gave a huge sigh. Now if only I could get a small nap in during the trip, that would be so wonderful. Maybe my coordination skills would come back once the bus trip ended.But nooooooooooo...while trying to sleep, someone from every bus stop always tried to sit in my seat! It wouldn't have mattered, as much, if they were to have asked me first but then again, I had my eyes closed so maybe they were being considerate. They always changed their minds and sat with someone else, though. Once, two people tried to squeeze into the seat with me. My temper having been tested far too many times, I gave a shove and both of them tumbled onto the aisle."What the hell was that for?" The girl who fell first questioned as she picked herself up."Don't ask me, I didn't do it!" Answered the second girl. Both of them immediately looked at me.I shrugged and muttered a small apology. I did feel sorry but really, how the heck do you expect to fit three people in one damn seat?!I could already sense that this day would be bad.When I got to school, I always bought two bags of salt and vinegar chips. Horrible breakfast, I know. But I always loved to suck on each morsel of potato...I had this thing for salt and vinegar chips. I suspected that later on in life, I'd probably have problems with high blood pressure. "I'll probably die from these chips," I cackled to myself as I searched my purse for some extra change. "Weird...I could've sworn I had a dollars worth." While I was searching, some girl stepped right in front of me.I growled at her under my breath but I guess I couldn't really blame her. It's just that it was the second time this had happened. I also couldn't find the stupid change I knew I had somewhere in my purse. ARGH! Maybe I just left it at home or something.Not really wanting to break a ten-dollar bill, I shuffled out of line and went to my locker. Another yawn rolled from my lips as I stopped right in front of my locker. Taking the lock into my hand, I reached to turned the combination only to find out that the stupid thing had been flipped over! Yes...the lock had been locked with the dial facing down. Someone else must've found out about my combo! I turned the dial, with much trouble, praying that nothing had been stolen.My whole locker was empty. EMPTY. All my pictures, my drawings, even my little writing board was gone! I could feel my left eye beginning to twitch fervently as I contemplated the situation. Stalking towards the main office, I yanked one of those fill-out forms for lost items and scribbled furiously on it. Who the hell had rid my locker of all the contents? I remembered my friends doing it last year as a joke but they would never play the same joke twice.Who would be mean enough to do so? After scribbling my signature on the paper, I left it on top of the counter.Oooo...I was so mad! I...

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542 words - 3 pages not talk, not even a look in one another's direction. But eventually we both came to our senses and I forgave her and she avoided the situation. I am disowned, so she says, no at the end of the day we are both well aware of who I am and she knows she needs to learn to accept it and I will never throw it in her face. Having this happened made me more aware that some people won't be as accepting as others, this is real life what my grandma and I are going through. But, we're getting through it and I do love her.So to put it all together, forgiving is a great thing! You are happier, wiser, and you don't have any stress to worry about.

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