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Making A Difference rough draft
Imagine a community being binded to rules that harm your daily living. We live in a society where change is needed from time to time due to the mindset of people being so diverse and unpredictable. When someone classifies those changes as satire it is our job to alter that so it is being fare for everyone. Although changing society may sound busily, it can be done with steps that aren't so compact and complicated.
Firstly, one method to changing society is that you can find an issue that is happening and understanding an approach of that problem. Whether it is recycling or littering something can de done to bring change. An example of this is seeing that animal shelter businesses are beginning to lose money and are not raising enough to take care of the pets. A good approach on this would be having a fundraiser to raise funds for a animal shelter. Starting a fundraiser would allow the business to raise more money to supply the animals with food, shelter, and even toys. There was a time in my life where i felt bad for those who couldn't afford food and were stuck in poverty brought to them by nothingness but just fate. This is why when there was a food drive at my school i decided to bring canned goods for donation. Later on, i would go on to get involved in a fundraiser to support cancer patients.
Furthermore, something that can be very impactful is getting the media involved. Starting an online petition or poster gives you a chance to get more supporters. Something to understand is that the more people you have supporting you will give you a better chance to acquire the change ...


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449 words - 2 pages government, because it reminded them too much of what they were trying to escape. Under the Articles, each state had its own laws, and the need for a new Constitution was desired by many. This desired Constitution created a huge dispute and an argument between people who wanted   things to stay the way they were and people who urged to change.       The Anti-Federalists thought that under the Articles people had the rights that they rightfully

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490 words - 2 pages . There should be more gun control because it will reduce gun deaths, certain guns make it easier for mass murder, and it will reduce crime. First, gun control should be more enforced because it will reduce gun-related deaths. According to pro-con.org, “Between 1999 & 2015, there has been 533,879 total gun deaths, or about 33,367 per year.” That is a lot of gun-related deaths that could be decreased exponentially. That’s 33,367 people a year that

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