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I am Agne Vitkute I am 11 and I was born on the 28th April 2006.
I was born in Klaipeda’s hospital in Lithuania which is my hometown.
I know 2 languages (Lithuanian and English) which I am fluent in and I am learning a new one.
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My hobbies are dancing, singing, playing sports and listening to music
I started dancing when I was 5 and I went to a dancing club in Lithuania; when I moved from Lithuania to England (when I was 6) I stopped dancing in dancing clubs but danced at home.
I’ve always liked music in a different language to my own, and that is one of the reasons why I like k-pop.
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I like many subjects, including maths, English, Science and more.
Although none of these help with the job I wish to have when I’m older, I still enjoy them while I can.
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I was born with dogs and a cat so I personally see them as family.
I have a cat (called Pukis in Lithuania) I had 2 dogs (Naglius and Kende) but they died last year and now I have 1 dog called Vesta (in Lithuania)
I own 2 Guinea pigs named...

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