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The career of truck driving involves obtaining a CDL ( commercial drivers license), and speical training. I find this career intresting because I enjoy driving big trucks and seeing the country. This career requries a written exam on endorsements depending on what type of driving or hauling license. I hope to learn from this how much it pays, how much it costs for the schooling to get the license and how far a distance a driver can work in a day.I started my seacrch at "National Tractor Trailer School" and both of these sites explained to me what you need to know for the test, how much it costs, the differ ...view middle of the document... This site is the company that Bob works for and didn't give me any informaytion on obtaining a CDL license, it just gave the background on the company and the services they provide.I found out that the standerads throughout the united states are all the same for a CDL license. A CDL license is requried to drive a veichal with a gross vehicle weight rateing (GVWR) over 26,000lbs, a trailer with a GVWR more than 10,000lbs when the gross combined weight rateing (GCWR) exceeds 26,000lbs, a veichal that carries more than 15 people not including the driver and any type of vehicle size or type that requires "hazardous materials placards". You must also be 18 years of age if you are only going to be driving a comerical vechical only in new york state and your not going to be hauling hazardous materials, double or triple trailers. You only need to pass the endorsements that apply to the job your seeking, endorsements enclude air breaks, hazardous materials, double and triple trailer, passenger vehicle driving and tanker vehicles rated at over a 1000 gallons. There are many different schools to attend for a CDL licenes and can cost up to 3,600 dollars depending on what you are going to be driving how many endoresment that are requried for your job. A driver can drive for 10 hours at a time then must take 8 hours off but then can start driving again doing 10 on and 8 off for as long as needed. The driver must keep a detailed log of when hes driving, refeuling sleeping ect so that they know where you were at a certin time.


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1376 words - 6 pages [Type text] [Type text] [Type text] Running head: PICOT STATEMENT AND LITERATURE SEARCH M. E. Thor Grand Canyon University Picot Statement and Literature Search NRS-433V August 26, 2018 Picot Statement and Literature Search Problem Statement The reasons behind patient falls, a common ongoing problem for nursing staff in hospitals across the country, have varied risks factors based on the patient and is certainly complexed. All hospital patients

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1706 words - 7 pages may think you did a good job imitating your best friend but inevitably you failed to be exactly like them. Due to the simple fact that you and your best friend are your own unique selves. This is the argument that the Six Characters in Search of an Author express. They argue with the Director that they can not be played by actors when the actors only want to portray the Characters and treat their reality as a fictional role. In the play, the

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1010 words - 5 pages light from the aging moon, the time when the sun is most ambitious to replace the moon (Kafka 58). Regarding his estranged friend, Georg expressed reservations about extending the friend an invitation to his wedding. In discussing the matter with his fiance, he assertively states: Thats the kind of man I am and hell just have to take me as I am, when he ultimately decides he will ignore his friends feelings (Kafka 58). Thus, Georg confirms his idea

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1550 words - 7 pages about to commit a crime and has a reasonable belief that the person "may be armed and presently dangerous.” · United States v. Robinson (Search incident to arrest) (1973) The U.S. Supreme Court held that "in the case of a lawful custodial arrest a full search of the person is not only an exception to the warrant requirement of the Fourth Amendment, but is also a reasonable search under that Amendment." · United States v. Dionisio (Voice samples

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929 words - 4 pages Free JOHN DOE Address Education DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois MA in Public Policy FOP September 2017- Current BA Sociology August 2015 Bachelors of Art in Sociology with a concentration in Law, Crime, and Criminology Dec 2013- Aug. 2015 Study Abroad- Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon; Mexico Law, Crime, and Criminology Courses August 2013 to December 2013 City Colleges of Chicago; Malcolm-X, Chicago, Illinois

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1009 words - 5 pages 1 Running head: The Search For Proper Childcare 2 The Search For Proper Childcare Assignment #2: “Informative Essay” Anika Clark ENG 115- English Composition Dr. Wayne Marshall May 17, 2018 The Search for Proper Childcare Finding childcare is a big decision. Time and effort must be put into the research it takes to find something that fits the needs of working parents. Those needs can be very individualized. Not all parents are looking for the

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1176 words - 5 pages Free The Search for the Perfect Skin Complexion Skin lightening (also known as skin bleaching) is something that has been around for thousands of years and although some people do it for medical reasons, most do it for personal cosmetic reasons. People are aware of the side effects and the long-term effects, but they still choose to do it regardless of the consequences. The cosmetic use of chemicals to lighten the skin in the 21st century is

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515 words - 3 pages IT governance basically provides an organizational structure for aligning IT strategy with business strategy. In Simple words, it provides framework of best practices and controls for an organization. It enables an organization to make decisions to ensure its IT sustains and expands its strategies and objectives. IT governance ensures that an organization focuses on: 1) Achieving the business goals by utilizing IT strategies 2) Monitoring Risk

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781 words - 4 pages Free Medical Association Journal Supplement, 176(13), 1813-1803. doi:10.1503/cmaj.070670. · I found this on Academic Search Premier. This article is about research being done on the syringe exchange program. It will help me understand its effectiveness among a community. I believe because of its research component it’s scholarly. MACNEIL, J., & PAULY, B. (2011). Needle exchange as a safe haven in an unsafe world. Drug & Alcohol Review, 30(1), 26-32

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298 words - 2 pages , hardworking, confident and have an inquiring mind. I used to attend all seminars and fully participated in all types of recreational activities.I have a good academic record all along. I passed every exam in first division. For further studies to enhance my knowledge, I decided to go to UK for further studies. I was searching on the web, for looking a good and reputable university. So in this search I found your university. I have gone through your website and in my opinion by getting admission in your prestigious institute; I can fulfill my future planning.

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667 words - 3 pages Homework #2 Abisola Animasahun Criminal Justice 254 Professor Hahn Towson University 3/25/2018 I choose to discuss the importance of our 4th amendment rights. The 4th amendment is “freedom from unreasonable search and seizures.” This amendment is very important because it denies police officers the right to search our houses and our property if they do not have a warrant. Even if they have a “mere suspicion, probable cause or good faith feeling

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1161 words - 5 pages in the card file. I have been out of high school for approximately twenty three years, so things were old school back then compared to now. The search engines on the Internet are faster than looking things up manually. The search engines even let the researcher search for articles containing key words that are related to the subject being researched. Just a few years ago, a person would have had to scan an article or book themselves to see if it

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974 words - 4 pages search their backpack or personal belongings, such as a purse or wallet; this is where proper authorities are called in, if it is found necessary to search further. I have personally not had a situation where teacher's responsibilities limited the student's rights. One example that may limit student's rights would be not having the student present during the locker search. Students should have the right to be present during a locker search, but if the

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1234 words - 5 pages even the letter string “central”) and ignore other visual signals. 4. What is Preparatory Attention? · However, attention does not always start at the moment a scene is processed by the visual system; it often starts before, when internal goals are established. · This intuitive concept of preparatory attention was described by William James; He believed that… · THEREFORE; The search starts by deciding which object or feature to look for and

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403 words - 2 pages With college search approaching and graduation from high school, I have considered one major purchase. A laptop computer would benefit me in future years and will not put me behind on my budget if I manage this purchase responsibly. My search began when I noticed a sale through business flyers in the mail. Many stores have different sales weekly that include different types of warranties. My pursuit for a computer would have to be well-planned