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Iago is a totally unsympathetic character to what extent do you agree with this statement.
Iago doesn’t respect or value women. In act one scene three he advises Rodrigo “seek thou rather to be hanged in compassing thy joy than to be drowned and go without her.” Iago sees women as easy targets as he views women as having weak mentalities. Nowhere does he acknowledged that Desdemona would have a say or the will power to reject Roderigo. Similarly, in act two scene one he expresses his general opinion on women “You rise to play and go to bed to work”. In a playful conversation with Emelia and Desdemona, he is capable of turning every positive idea about women into a negative idea, indicating how he feels women are always looking for gains. “Is she be fair and wise, fairness and wit, the one’s for use, the other useth it”, Overall Iago Views women as flawed no matter how many good qualities one women may have, he will always look at her flaws instead of her positives showing his negative view on women.
When it comes to Iago’s lusts, he will stop at nothing to feed his appetites. Throughout the play the audience sees how Iago prioritises his own desires. In act one scene one Iago Is overlooked for a promotion by Othello. Iago takes this very personally, developing a grudge destroying everything in its path. To the audience it’s shocking to see how Iago backstabs Othello to such a great extent; causing the death of his innocent wife. Iago is capable of playing all the characters around him at the same time: Desdemona, Othello and Roderigo are all wrapped around his finger. In act one scene three Iago delivers a soliloquy where he pronounces himself evil: “Hell and night. Must bring this monstrous birth to the world’s light. In act 5 scene two Othello proclaims Iago a “devil” and wonders whether he will be able to kill him; simply, the enormity of Iago’s crimes is unbelievable. Iago behaves like a psychopath who has no remorse when it comes to his wrongdoings.
No one is born evil. Iago is no exception which leads the audience to ponder what led Iago to choose a life of dishonesty and deceit....


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