Idealism Vs. Realism: Which Is More Prevalent In Today's World?

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It is human nature to question those who govern, or those who intend to govern the masses. Those who govern lead nations and states, act on their own impulses. These impulses are directly linked to human nature. In turn, it can be said that human nature is an indirect governing force. Because of this, one can also link the two ideologies, Idealism and Realism, that encompass the world's views on foreign policy with how they affect issues of human rights.The concept of idealism is the belief that rule is possible with soft power; the non-use of force is almost a mandate to the idealists. It is the idealist belief that the spread of democracy around the world is for the greater good of humanity. When it comes to Foreign Policy and how it relates to Idealism, idealists believe in the constant spread of democracy throughout the world. This is carried out by forms of diplomacy and also military force when needed. To an idealist, the spread of democracy and constant progression is essential to successful governing. Human rights are very important to idealists. They believe that all the foundations of a democracy encompass all human rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These are rights that the whole world population must be able to exercise in order for the world to operate to its fullest potential.The Idealist view certainly has good intention, but to explain how America really should operate, one must look into the realm of the Realist. A Realist is more concerned with the internal actions and governing of the nation. It is in the realist view that the needs and desires of the citizens should come before any acts of foreign conflict. Realists strive for stability within a nation. It is because of this that the Realist view should be thought of as more efficient in governing. Americans are prone to wish for and prefer the ideas of idealist progression, but in reality, they are much more worried about their immediate needs. These needs can be better met by a realist government. Realists provide immediate healthcare, employment, education, safety, and security to their people. They only worry about alliances outside the country, when it directly affects them in a positive way, therefore benefiting the pe ople. This primary internal stabilization makes Realism a more prominent governing philosophy.In today's world, Realist governing philosophy in America is needed much more than the Idealist. The War on Terrorism is a war fought in vain. Billions of dollars are being spent on converting middle-eastern countries into working democracies. However, these newly formed democracies will not be successful when they are being forced on the people. It is human nature to reject outside rule when it surely goes against the cultures and traditional beliefs of the people affected. While the U.S. government is spending billions of dollars on the Iraqi Freedom mission, the internal problems of the nation are escalating to an outrageous level. If every country operated under Realist principles, therefore maintaining internal stability of their own country, and kept friendly alliances with all other countries that benefited all, then the world would actually be in less political turmoil.Now it is not to be said that Idealist philosophy should be completely lost, because without some idealist views, like continual progression of international relations and trade would be minimized. It is fair to say that one should scale out the views of both sides and pick and choose which side to lean toward. The government that works under the far edge of either philosophy would certainly be non-progressive, but a weighted balance is something that is worth working toward. America should first and foremost work out internal struggles such as the failing economy, citizen health issues, decreased wages, educational funding, and overall standards of living, before proceeding to work on spreading our form of government. It can be said that it is hypocritical to spread democracy from a country that isn't working completely at this time. Also, classical democracy may not work in every nation. Some nations are, without a doubt, prone to reject democratic societies because they work as realists themselves, and strive for stability, in turn, not accepting new influences.In conclusion, Realism as a governing philosophy can be spelled out to be the most efficient and stable method for governing. Idealism holds admirable goals, but they are surely impractical in today's world. Idealist philosophy can only work when the world resolves all internal conflict, then we can worry about bettering relations with each other. The world must work under the ultimate principles of pure rationality, Realism.


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