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Identity Crisis? Essay

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A female undergoes many identity changes through life

Running head: IDENTITY CRISIS?

Identity Crisis?

April Langley

South College

A female undergoes many identity changes through life. These changes can create a crisis for some women while seemingly not effect others.

Identity Crisis?

At birth, both male and female children are labeled as "John's son", "Mary's daughter" and the like. Although we are given a personal name, for the most part, we are identified as belonging to our parents. For the female child, this belonging identity has only begun compared to the male who ...view middle of the document...

She has become "Stan's wife" or "John's son, Stan, wife". Think about it, when a man is introduced it is "Stan, he married Amy". Once again, the male's personal identity is separated and maintained. He did not become "Amy's husband"; he simply married Amy. In the event the couple purchases property, it is generally owned as "Stan Smith, and wife, Amy Smith". The female identity is dependent on the male identity not only in introductions but in legal documents as well. However, her dependent identity doesn't stop here.

When the female has children, she develops yet another form of identity: mom. This identity is perhaps the most cherished by many females. It is almost like it creates an accomplishment for many women. Generally, women will introduce themselves as "the mother of Amanda" and when she is referred to as "Amanda's mom" it will generally produce a smile from her. For the most part, a female doesn't feel the need to follow up her identity with her personal name as she so often does when being introduced as "wife".

Even in death, the female is referred to by her personal name and then followed by "the wife of …" and/or "the mother of ….". Her personal identity may be at the beginning; however, it is still dependent. It is no wonder that a female may feel lost as she travels through her circle of life. She starts life as "the daughter of father" and/or "the sister of brother"; embarks on "the wife of husband"; and finally cherishes "the mother of child".

Identity Crisis? 4

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