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Identity Themes In "Naruto" Essay

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Identity is the characteristics in which a person is recognized or identified. Identity is what differentiates you from everyone else. The Identity of someone is influenced by their, culture, past, values, beliefs and their society.In Masashi Kishimoto's anime series Naruto, the composer explores the influence society has over the development of our identity. Kishimoto shows that identity is a major aspect in the definition of our personality, shaping our present experiences and relationships. Naruto, the protagonist, has his identity transformed from his early childhood and later on in life as he encounters different people and conflicts.Naruto’s identity at the beginning of the series ...view middle of the document...

Naruto’s dream is to become the strongest ninja in the village and eventually the leader so everyone will acknowledge and respect him.Kishimoto has shown that your identity is shaped by your culture, society and early childhood experiences.Naruto is teamed up with peers and they are sent on many missions together, during which Naruto develops bonds with his team members. Naruto for the first time, has friends who accept him and acknowledge him. Naruto’s personality and identity beings to change. He wants to become strong now to protect those precious to him as he is still traumatized over his early childhood experiences and does not want to lose his new found friends.“I hated everyone, and I didn’t know why I was so hated, why I existed, it was really tough, but I finally met people who acknowledge me. That’s why I was able to bear the fact that a monster fox is inside me, because im not alone anymore, I was really glad, I felt I existed here and I was relieved”When Naruto is lost in though (the quote), the composer’s use of sad music and flashbacks of childhood memories symbolizes the sadness/loneliness of Naruto’s identity.Symbolism is used to depict the coldness of the villagers looking down at them. In montages of Naruto’s memory flashbacks, the villagers are given red eyes and evil stares to de humanize them in there behaviour towards Naruto. Most of background in Naruto’s memories are all dull showing how lifeless and disconnected Naruto felt.. A close up shot of Naruto, shows his sad facial expression, emphasising the effect of his past. Towards the end of his thoughts where he thinks about his friends and how he is relieved, the music which is creating a sad and depressing theme changes to a more pleasant and happy theme. Images of Naruto’s friends together smiling appear instead of flashbacks of his childhood . The composer is symbolising Naruto’s identity...

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