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Term Identity comes from Latin and has its origin in the late 16th century. It means ‘being identical’ or to have identical qualities. According to Cambridge dictionary, the meaning of identity is described as ‘who a person is, or the qualities of a person or group that make them different from others’. The identity as described by Erik Erikson is nothing more than ‘ego’ or ‘the self’. Personal qualities and beliefs make people feeling of being unique or different. This is called personal identity. Social roles in everyday life such as work, religious rituals, belongings and groups we are in create a sense of what is called Social Identity. People change over the time and their roles as well and social positions. In this case we could also think that personalities are something that changes as well. People might argue by saying that they are always the same and the only thing is changing is the social status. They are being citizens of different countries, have their own culture, however according to BBC (Identity 2016: 'Global citizenship' rising), there are more people describing themselves as ‘Global citizens’ than it was in 2001. Due to the rise of freedom of speech, people nowadays seem to be more open talking about their own identities and are less frightened of discrimination. In this essay I would like to discuss whether identity is something that changes or it’s fixed.
After World War 2 and after the collapse of The Soviet Union new countries were established. Identities of so many people have finally met its target. Since then Polish could feel freedom, so Latvians, Romanians etc. Their already strong national identity is now free. Many people fighting for their countries since then could feel and be free citizens. Their patriotic identities since then showed that they could do anything for their countries. They were proud and free people, proud Christians etc. Next few generation as well, however since freedom of movement and global migration people started to feel more connected with the other nations. Poles arriving to UK and living there for long time are not the same Poles they used to be. Pakistani people arriving to UK in 70’s and 80’s might still rely on the old values, however their children and children their children, have usually completely different views than their parents, as well as they associate themselves more with being British than Pakistani. Another argument that is for identity is not being fixed might be a conversion to a different religion. People converting from Christianity to Islam, living their whole lives as Christians, finally find the different truth. They might automatically expose themselves to discrimination within their own ‘old’ communities. They also have to change their habits and the way they were before. In post modern era it is also being observed that religious practices change over the time and people become more spiritual...

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