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Ikea.Com (Overview On The Company) Essay

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Table of Contents:Executive Summary 2Purpose and scope of document 2Methods 2Results and Conclusion 2Recommendations 3Ikea 4Case Overview 4Why do people shop on the Internet? 5Costumers 5Identification of value to costumers customers 7Suppliers 8Value chain 10Primary activities of IKEA 10Inbound logistics: 10Operations: 11Outbound logistics: 11Marketing and sales: 12Service: 12Support activities if IKEA 12Procurement 12Technology development 13Human resource management 13Firm infrastructure 13Value shop 14Primary activities 14Support activities 15Value network 15Ethical and privacy issues: the use of IT in managing their business processes 16Information systems security and control ...view middle of the document...

Despite these problems seem to be surpassed, the way IKEA saves the data from its customers is not very explicit, causing therefore some mistrust from the point of view of these;Websites are functional, with a lot of options available for the consumers. Nevertheless, some extras could be added in order to enhance the potentialities of IKEA's web presence;Regarding the value chain we have seen that there is an IKEA Concept that guides the entire cycle of how the products are designed, manufactured, transported, sold and assembled.IKEA works from a decentralized organization but with experts in central positions in certain areas.Regarding the Value shop you can say that the store is entire values shop in it self with products that will differently enhance the value of the customers home. There is also a value shop after the bought with a difference of services.Regarding the Value network, Ikea has created a network of suppliers to own companies to the final consumer, which al contributes with value to the network/products.RecommendationsCreate a descriptive database of the costumers (CRM); Follow the model of;Build up discussion groups where costumers can exchange knowledge and even receive feedback for the company - better understand costumers in order to better satisfy their needs;Create an image of web security; assure the costumers that they won't be harmed by exposing their personal information;Make known their ethical concerns as well as their code of conduct; it may lead to an improvement on the companies image;Make on-line shopping & Virtual Anna available in most of the countries;Keep on the wave of improvements toward their suppliers in order to create lasting bonds of trust vital for the business nowadays;IkeaProblem and Objective: How does the IKEA's website enhance the costumer, supplier, product and placement value? Are there any possible changes to be made in order to improve it?The objective of this paper is to give an overview of the selected IKEA's website, relating it to costumers, suppliers, range of products, value creation and privacy and ethical policies. This paper will also include a comparison between different IKEA websites.Case OverviewIngvar Kamprad created IKEA in the early 1940's with a new idea of offering functional products with good design at lower prices. This concept was applied through the expertise of its creator on cost reducing, saving every dollar he could to cut down costs. Nevertheless, the two main concepts of IKEA were not affected by these cost-reduction policies: ideas and quality.The roots of this ideological matter came from Ingvar's hometown where there were few resources but a lot of will to work. The motto was "making the most out of limited resources" . This statement as passed to the IKEA concept, "To create a better everyday life for the many people" and "affordable solutions for better living"The first IKEA website was created in 1997, starting what today is a big...

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