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Benefits and risks slide:
Easier on environment -
 EVs don’t even have an exhaust system, meaning they have zero emissions. And since gas-powered vehicles are large contributors to greenhouse-gas buildup in the earth’s atmosphere, making the switch to an electric car can help contribute to cleaner air and a healthier planet.
EV can also reduce overall CO2 emissions when the electricity they use comes from fossil fuels. A recent lifecycle analysis of electric vehicles showed that even when powered by the most carbon intensive electricity in Europe, they emit fewer greenhouse gases than a conventional vehicle.
Cheaper than gasoline –
Americans pay an average of 15 cents per mile driving gas-powered cars, which really doesn’t seem like much — until you compare it to the fact that many EVs run at one-third of that cost, given that electricity is significantly less expensive than gasoline. 
Maintenance is less frequent –
EV is fully electric, it no longer uses oil to lubricate the engine. That means oil changes are a thing of the past. The same is true for a lot of other expensive engine work that could afflict a gas-powered car. Brakes won't wear as quickly, either, so you won't need to replace pads as often as you do on a normal car.
Quiet – Some communities prohibit heavy trucks from operating during the night with the EV quiet engine there’s a night deliveries or travel advantage; the driving time cut by lower traffic at night could save up to 40 percent in delivery costs.
Business sustainability – A handful of cities in Europe plan to prohibit fossil fuel powered vehicles from entering certain city centers. So with EV Ikea will be able to deliver goods within Europe and not having to risk losing that specific market of people.
Short Range - Electric vehicles including trucks and vans have this common problem: range limitation, which is a cause for concern and anxiety among electric vehicle owners. Haulers are designed to crisscross states. Cargo distribution service providers need vehicles that provide good range including the ability to refuel/recharge anywhere at the shortest possible time.
BUT: The UK government is inventing a recharging road that uses magnetic induction (the same technology used in wireless phone chargers) to recharge the cars’ batteries while they’re driving. Within this year the government is starting trials (on private sites) and is investing 500 million for the project over the next 5 years.
Recharging can take long - Compared to the few minutes it takes to fill up a conventional car at the gas station, recharging your EV is a much more significant time investment. While most electric car engines take about four hours to reach a full charge, some take a whopping 15 to 20 hours. 
BUT: Innovation for charging station is improving as Tesla is working on a semi model with a 500 mile daily range with a hour “top off” charge delivered via a high-capacity tesla charging station.
The most...

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