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Mackenzie WolfDavid BrennerEnglish 1302 - Summer 16/28/14Immigration To A Whole New LevelIn our world today, immigration is not necessarily a horrible thing, but breaking the law is. Many different socialists, economists, and political leaders say that The United States economy can depend on illegal immigrants. Not only do they accept low income for necessary jobs such as construction workers, but they also pay their taxes, and spend money which all plays a part in our national economy. On the other hand, other economists say the opposite in terms of illegal immigrants do not help The United States economy whatsoever. To where they can help our economy, or to make our nation more o ...view middle of the document...

Personally, I agree with this global issue that needs to be taken more seriously. I do not agree with illegal immigration whatsoever, but legal migration into the United States needs to be managed in a better way. Our nation has also struggled with discrimination for many decades and still is a major concern for immigrants. Annan's article does have some valid evidence from other primary sources to back up his argument. He discusses that not only does our country need to have more respect for immigrants who flea their home country to ours for various reasons, but to be proud that our country is so diverse in many different ethnicities. Although he does not see to have any other opinions other from his own, his credibility is reliable. His sufficiency on his argument supporting illegal immigrants does summit important information. He declares that International Migration should look further into improving international cooperation with the issue of migration. Although there is not statistical data or any quotable evidence, the author explains in his opinion what our nation can do to further help the national issue of immigration.The war on drugs is lacking any meaning behind the cause of such violence between Mexico and The United States. According to the article, "Why Mexico's Drug War Is Unwinnable," the author, Laura Carlsen, discusses the drug war in Mexico is creating a more realistic ideal of how dangerous it is for The United States. Not only is it failing, but is creating more anxiety for the safety of our citizens. Carlsen seeks to promote the idea that the war on drugs in unwinnable and not ideal to surrender to the country of Mexico. In my opinion, I believe that drugs across the world will also be an issue to fight for. This national issue seems to be failing in the words of Carlsen, so why not fix it? It is enormously important for our nation to know that the drug war between the two countries may turn out worse than it actually is. The author provides credible evidence through the use of statistics and examples such as the Obama administration to promote her argument on this issue. Her accuracy is effective to an extent when providing such evidence. There is a lot of detail provided in Carlson's article that isn't too vague for the audience to fully understand. If the d...


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630 words - 3 pages Have you ever wondered about how safe our country really is? If immigrants can elude capture from the border patrol, what is stopping terrorists from doing the same? I believe that illegal immigration has a very bad effect on our country, and not just because of our border problems.In the next few paragraphs I am going to talk to you about the cons of illegal immigration. I will cover topic such as how the current legal U.S. Citizens experiences

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1632 words - 7 pages Immigration has always been a major issue in the United States, a large portion of our population is made up of people who came from other countries. But it is becoming more important now with the population topping 300 million and concerns of illegal immigration becoming a hot issue. Legal immigrants are far more accepted in the country than immigrants who enter the country illegally across the borders or water barriers. But like most concerns

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2571 words - 11 pages Illegal Immigration Presented by: Tawheed Kamgar Presented to: Ms. Cheema Class: 6/7G Date: March 30, 2018 Illegal immigration has been a problematic topic for economically active governments in recent years, and political solutions also vary with the more strict right side, and progressive thinking leftists. Immigration is actually defined as a move to another country for the purpose of getting a job, permanent settlement or both, when hardship

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992 words - 4 pages ESSAY #1 In the story “The Far Away Brothers” by Lauren Markham writes about identical twin brothers who eventually had to escape to the United Stated from El Salvador several reasons. Facing a variety of problems such as, crime, murder rate, political corruption and a bad economy, Central Americans are very unhappy and unsatisfied with the direction of their countries. Those are their top concerns, especially in urban centers. Most people

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551 words - 3 pages 1820 to 1967, nearly 90 percent of all immigrants were from Canada or Europe. From the Migration Refugee Assistane Act of 1962, Mexico and other Central American countries were the maority of immigrants. Only thirteen percent of immigrants were from Europe.Now there happens to be a huge influx of illegal immigrants. To control the illegal aliens Congress passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986. This act punished employers who hired

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1762 words - 8 pages safety of the American people. According to “18 FACTS PROVE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE FOR U.S. ECONOMY” on Info Wars website, a gang of illegal immigrants known as “the 18th Street Gang is certainly giving MS-13 a run for their money. It is believed that the 18th Street Gang has thousands of members in the city of Los Angeles alone. In fact, the gang has become so notorious that there are even rumors that some police officers in

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2779 words - 12 pages Anti Immigration Introduction There are many reasons that immigrants would want to come to America even if that means doing it illegally. Even though they are coming for a better life, they are not thinking of the negative impacts it is having on the people who live here. Crime rate, cost, and education are huge factors that are negatively impacted because of illegal immigrants we have in the US. Donald Trump was just elected as our new

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586 words - 3 pages his argument because it lets his audience know that he does have a plan and if they work with him it could really be the bettering of the United States as they know it. The whole section of the address that is devoted to illegal immigration give President Donald Trump a successful argument as to how to handle the issue. His use of ethos, anaphora, and cause and effect gives his argument what it needs to grab the audience attention and make them agree with the things that are being expressed. By doing this he can successfully put his plan into action with congress and America as a whole to back him up.

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477 words - 2 pages all children in school are actually being programmed to think the way the government wants them to. Second, ?Homeland Security?- makes life harder or inconvenient on our citizens while not doing that much to deter terrorist or illegal immigration. Third, ?War on Terror?- our way of going after oil and helping Israel. There are terrorists within the United States, yet we do nothing while other countries are attacked. Forth, ?Patriot Acts?- take

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1026 words - 5 pages means it is not perfect. I would help illegal immigrants if I have a chance. Illegal immigration is a major concern of the U.S. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates 10,400,000 illegal immigrants reside in the United States, and somewhere between 2 and 3 million are estimated to live and work in California ( Even with lots of people they have no right to speak because they have stayed illegally in the U.S. They are welcome when

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988 words - 4 pages In a publicized meeting to a large audience in Costa Mesa, California, President Obama announced he was considering a comprehensive immigration bill that would allow unauthorized immigrants to "get out of the shadows" (Policy Beat). Several arguments about this issue have risen; among which the debate on whether illegal aliens may get citizenship after serving the military receives great attention. Although there are still many concerns against

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1482 words - 6 pages livelihood. Because of the stringent immigration laws, relocating to another country is not a get up and go scenario, even that varies from person to person, depending on their financial means. When in search of a better life for you and your family in another country: rightfully so, you should be given a fair chance to prove you have good intentions of contributing to the U.S. society, before being labeled illegal and being looked upon as a

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2985 words - 12 pages illegal immigrant or “alien” defined by the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, are people who are not citizens or nationals of the United States. They are foreign nationals who come to the United States without following the legal immigration process to enter and remain in the country; in other words, anyone born in a country other than the United States to parents who are not United States citizens. Isn’t America known to be the melting pot

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2462 words - 10 pages cause an increase in the unemployment rate, putting American workers at a severe disadvantage.The immigration debate comes with many positive and negative effects. Those who believe in a closed border would argue the negative effects illegal immigrants have on the economy and safety of America. However, the opposite point of view believes that those same effects are positive. If you do years of research and analysis and are still unsure of which side


1910 words - 8 pages , insurance, agriculture, telecommunications,construction, tourism, advertising, etc. are essential to a capitalist economy. We cannot, in a worldeconomy, close our doors to the rest of the world (Limbaugh). The Clinton Administration iscommitted to reducing illegal immigration, and agreements like NAFTA are critical to that effort(Christopher 785).Laws do little or nothing to curb the illegal immigration problem. Everyone claims to be