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Imc Campaign: Media Campaign Essay

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IMC Campaign: Media CampaignAT&T's integrated new service brings together cell phone calls and home phone calls with separate numbers to one device giving family members private access to their own calls and access to the home calls on one device. The IMC team feels strongly that this service will be well received in the marketplace and has put together a complete media campaign to showcase this astounding service. The marketing organization understands the importance of getting the company's message out to the targeted market to ensure the success of the service offered exclusively by AT&T. A campaign theme along with messaging strategies has been created to catch the consumer's ...view middle of the document...

The intention is to reach multi-cultural backgrounds that are important to the targeted market for AT&T's new service. As part of the messaging strategy the goal is to get people to react and want the F.A.C.T. service added to other AT&T services offered.Through assessing the competition, decisions will be made to gain a market share from these competitors. This will also help AT&T decide the length of the media campaign in order to get the message out to the public. The criteria that AT&T must meet are according to (Semenik, 2006): "1) communication must be paid for. 2) The communication must be delivered to an audience via mass media. 3) The communication must be attempting persuasion" (pg. 12). The plan is to get the public thinking about the benefits of this service and the desire to be included in such an innovative program that will keep them in touch with friends and family at a low cost. As part of the advertising plan AT&T will advertise the F.A.C.T. service and the advantage of bundling a package to save money. With this in mind the messaging strategy campaign will focus on brand recall through repetition and the slogan F.A.C.T. being Full Access Communication Technology. The positioning of the commercials will have a social aspect to attract targeted cultures and define the brand image. Messaging strategies can be presented through celebrity endorsements and trade shows. AT&T's goal is through the companies media campaign is to have current customers expand on their service and gain new customers. As the campaign develops the frequency and media mix will depend on the budget.Budget for Media CampaignTo ensure success in the marketplace, AT&T is developing the right media campaign to reach the target audience in the most effective approach possible. Additionally, the campaign will have a splash component that shows AT&T is a large comprehensive company with a desire to grow and satisfy the consumer with the mission and tools for success. To accomplish this, and for the media campaign to be successful, a well developed budget has been developed by the IMC team during the initial process of gathering the right media campaign process. The IMC team believes in concurrence with the AT&T executives that the wireless business has and will deliver outstanding revenue results. (AT& is a table of the available budget assigned at AT&T for the media campaign the IMC team has developed for the targeted consumers. The goal is to spend $20 million for this media campaigning to show an extreme level of dedication while attracting all types of consumers willing to take advantage of the services AT&T is offering.AT&T Media CampaignBudgetTelevision$6.5 MWireless Mobile Devices$0.50 MInternet$4.2 MMagazine Ads$2 MNewspaper Ads$1.0 MProduct Sampling$1.5 MBillboards$0.8 MPress Releases$1.3 MMiscellaneous/Other expenses$2.2 MTotal$20 MillionThe above budget was based on the potential sales of...

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