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Immigrant Experience Essay

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Immigrant ExperienceHIS/125February 23, 2013




Immigrant ExperienceDuring the late 1800s my parents and I left Poland and moved to the United States thinking we would have a better life and I would receive a better education for my future. Farming has been our primary source of income for our family but we lost our land. The economic condition in Poland is rapidly declining which is why we and many other families have decided to move to America. This was our only hope to find a way to feed our families and prosper.Our journey started with a boat ride across the Atlantic Ocean where the conditions were terrible because of the ...view middle of the document...

Many people did not pass the medical examination and were sent back to Poland because their health was too poor. We were given American style food which I had never had anything like it before but it cured my hunger and tasted delicious. Once everyone passed the inspection and interview we were allowed to reunite with our families. I was so excited to see my Father and Mother, and they were happy to see me as well. I could see the relief wash over their faces, and the worry was less apparent. I sighed a breath of relief as we looked around at all of the people who were also excited to be reunited with their family members once more as they greeted each other with open arms and with big smiles on their faces. Although we were in unfamiliar territory the fear of the unknown was removed by the anticipation we had about the possible opportunities we could receive.We stayed in New York City where my father found a job as a factory worker, but he was not used to this kind of work because he was a farmer back in Poland. The city is very large, dirty, and crowded as people from all over the world pile in looking for opportunities of their own. We were treated very poorly by others because to them we are strangers from a different country invading their space and taking their jobs. We do not socialize with them and try to stay out of their way to avoid becoming victims of racist hate crimes. We...

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