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Immigration Essay

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- Excellent info. Well written. Headings would help reader.The question is have we given up on turning our immigrants into Americans (Brimelow 30).Undoubtedly, all the hipped-up controversial rhetoric will deter the immigrant population frombecoming legal. It has become such a hassle to go through the process that many people choose tocross the border without permission. Before 1960, eighty percent of the immigration to Americacame from Europe. Since 1960, however, eighty percent has come from places other than Europe(Wishard 153). As a result, immigrant laws have become less accepting of the immigrantcommunity. Long ago, European immigrants were given a job, shelter, and food. Soon, the ...view middle of the document...

These industries contain a high percentage of immigrants. If California were anindependent nation, with a 695.3 billion dollar economy, it would rank eighth in the world (Gerston8). California's dense population is a direct result of immigration, which accounts for California'sgreat political and economic strength.The unregulated movement of goods, services, and people throughout the states is what makes thiscountry economically stable and productive. NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) andGATT (General Agreement on Trades and Tariffs) are examples of successful agreements betweenneighboring countries. These agreements have resulted in the unparalleled betterment of theeconomies involved. Open markets in banking, insurance, agriculture, telecommunications,construction, tourism, advertising, etc. are essential to a capitalist economy. We cannot, in a worldeconomy, close our doors to the rest of the world (Limbaugh). The Clinton Administration iscommitted to reducing illegal immigration, and agreements like NAFTA are critical to that effort(Christopher 785).Laws do little or nothing to curb the illegal immigration problem. Everyone claims to be againstimmigration, but those same people love the low-cost agricultural products they purchase from thesupermarket. No one seems to protest the inexpensive fruits and vegetables cultivated and grownby undocumented workers. Politicians who claim to be adamantly against illegal immigration turnaround and hire illegal aliens. Pete Wilson, Dianne Feinstein, and Michael Huffington have allcontributed to the 'nannygate' problem. It is actually no big deal, but it shows how honest andforthright our politicians are.Everyone contributes to the problem, but no one will face reality. Let's face it, we all reep thebenefits of illegal immigration. Let's forget about all the useless rhetoric, and cut a deal with Mexicoand other countries that will benefit everyone (Olmo B7). If politicians are serious about curbingimmigration they should try to strengthen the world economy. Mexico's average salary is one-sixthours (Gore). Can we expect immigrants to stay out?Recent, controversial debates have struck a fuse in many Americans. Americans who have been laidoff or who can't seem to get ahead in our capitalist market seem to be infuriated by the influx ofillegal aliens. They feel that they cannot compete with low-wage workers. To show for this is thecountless anti-immigrant legislation being proposed to congress. There are grass-roots initiatives outthere proposing to amend the constitution to limit American citizenship solely to children born ofU.S. citizens only (McDonnel A1). A significant number of people wish to eradicate the rightsforeign nationals have acquired through the years. Americans have proven to be very competitive inthe world market. Especiall those who have a good education.Many feel that immigrants do not deserve an education because they have not contributed to thewell being of the community....

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