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ENGLISH 1551: College Writing II
Spring Semester 2018 Research Project
· As you should recall, the syllabus we reviewed the first week of class contained this information on your major final research project for the class This major research project will be worked on throughout the semester. It will consist of several parts, including a detailed topic proposal, two conferences with your instructor and an end-of-the-semester formal presentation of your research findings to the class. To be complete and acceptable, the final 1,500- to 2,000-word draft must include a minimum of ten sources and include all elements of APA documentation, including title , abstract page and references pages.
The required research paper/investigative argument for English 1551 is the major determinant of your success or failure in this critical course in your college career. That is why it is very important that you approach this project as a systematic process and that you complete all of the required elements on time.
Here are the elements and their point value:
Topic/Trial Thesis 25 POINTS
Preliminary Conference 25 Points
Final Conference 25 Points
Research Paper 250 Points
Oral presentation 25 Points
Total Points = 350, or more than 1/3 of your total grade.
To be complete and acceptable, it must include all of these elements:
* A formal title presented properly on first page.
* About five to seven pages (not counting title, abstract, references pages) in MS Word, 12 point type, double space format. Also follow APA guidelines for margin settings.
* At least ten sources, including at least one non-print and one book source.
* Properly constructed and formatted References page and parenthetical references in the text.
* At least one visual element, ie, photograph or chart.
The final project is due no later than the start of class on the final regular Tuesday of class. Your topic proposal (tentative and subject to change) will be due no later than Feb. 1, as per the syllabus, but it is advisable to complete them before that date. Try to have a tentative idea by the time we have our library session, 4th Floor Maag, on Tuesday, January 30.
The possibilities are endless. It should deal, however, with a public policy issue for which there can be disagreement. It must take the form of a classic argument, the elements of which will be the focal point of this class. To help you get your thinking caps energized, here are some topics from recent semesters that have worked well. Make sure you choose a topic for which you have an interest and passion. It will make the dozens of hours of work on it more enjoyable.
President Donald Trump’s administration promises to rank as one of the best/worst in American history.
Animal experimentation cruelties must be halted.
Welfare reform and the need for mandatory drug testing...

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