Immigration Is Not A Positive Social Phenomenon

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The word "to immigrate" simply means to come to a foreign countrywith the intention of living there for the rest of your life. There are severalreasons why people leave their countries and start living somewhere else.The main reasons why immigration can be considered a wholly negativesocial problem are the following ones:First of all immigration testifies that there is something wrong with thecountry which people leave. Especially in the past, people used to leavetheir countries where they were born in order to work abroad whenthere was no possibility for them to get a well-paid job at home. Theysaw a chance to earn a lot of money in a short time and were ready toreturn again when they had enough for a satisfying life without financialproblems.Another reason to immigrate to a country is the higher standard ofliving there. It is natural that people want to get the appropriate salaryfor their work (the higher the salary the better), more when they workhard, without mistakes and responsibility. The dream of most people isto live happily in abundance.People have always wanted to live freely. Of course it includes the rightto have our own opinions about any subjects and to express them freely.It also includes the freedom to choose which religion we would like topractice, and where and with whom you want to live. It is racial orreligious intolerance, persecution, wars and revolutions that force peopleto immigrate, which is often the only way out of these problems.Although sophisticated people in developed countries, which are theusual destination of immigrants, should be able to understand thesituation of the immigrants, they often have negative feelings towardthem. Every country has its own unemployed people. There are fears thatimmigrants will take away jobs from the natives and that more peoplefrom poorer countries will increase poverty. Some people simply cannotcope with racial, cultural and other differences of immigrants, andexpress concern that the country will become split up by thesedifferences. But for this reason there are immigration laws that regulatethe number of people who are legally accepted into the country, so thatthe natives do not become a minority ruled by foreigners.The above statements can be considered negative, but there is stillsomething good that immigration brings. Take for example America .sometimes called a nation of immigrants. What would it be without thepeople who came from Europe five centuries ago who settled there, andbuilt and developed the country? Would the USA be the world-leadingNo. 1 authority without the number of foreigners who lived there andbrought huge benefits to the country, enriched it in the field of culture,education and science? Definitely not!When talking about immigration and problems connected with it,people should first realize its contribution to their country before theycondemn all immigrants.


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