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Impact Of Mass Media In Bangladesh

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Term paper:Title: Impact of Mass media in Bangladesh.Submitted to:Lutfun Nahar LataFaculty, Department of Economics and social science (ESS)BRAC UNIVERSITYSubmitted by:Anita Islam Saiba ID- 14104161Nikita Azmi Hasan ID- 13103007Nusrat Sharif ID- 14104021Index


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1. Introduction


2. Methodology

2.1 Focus Group


2.2 Group Size


2.3 Data Collection


2.4 Data Analysis
2.5 Limitation


3. Descriptive Results


3.1 Similarities


3.2 Accepting the customary belief


3.3 Changing business


3.4 Changing mentality


3.5Preserving the prevalent norms


3.6 Obeying the dress code




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This occurrence indicates that our society has become multicultural due to the strong effect of mass media. In this paper, different group of people was interviewed according to their preferences to a certain form of media. The result will be explored later.Methodology:2.1 Focus Group:The topic is focused on everyday ways of talking about cultural preference of both higher and lower educated natives. The group members were aged from 18-40. We selected Five types of people for this investigation. Five types of people are divided into three groups. Number one group is young generation aged 18/20 , number two group is parents level people and in number three group there is a sociologist. A focus group is 'a small group discussion focused on a particular topic and facilitated by a researcher' The interviews are conducted following the "focus group" technique where we talked to people of different social backgrounds and social classes and analyzed how impact of mass media in Bangladesh is effecting and/or influencing them.2.2 Group Size:The groups are divided into three sectors. There is one sociologist, two parents' level people and two class mates.2.3 Data Collection:We are going to ask question and to focus groups about their thoughts on social networks and internet... The focus groups were from Dhaka. For this study BRAC UNIVERSITY area was selected. We divided the focus group into three categories; number one group is contains with young generation, number two group is contains with parents level and number three group is contains with sociologist. It is defined as educated persons aging around 18 to 40. The scale of education is not less than Higher Secondary.Location for the interviews was at BRAC UNIVERSITY area. The members of our group interviewed individually. The topic was divided and each member covered one sector of the topic.2.4 Data analysisFor analysis all matters we go through to our three selected groups. We analysis the affect of mass media on society .we go to the sociologist and asked him about his opinion about matter. We went to the parents level people what they are though and what problems they are facing us also went to the young generation people to know how mass media impact on their life. We try to collect information from sociologist we analysis his thinking about mass media. We also talk with our classmates and with our parents level people. We analysis all of them thoughts on mass media.Before dealing with the empirical results of this study, it should be noted that in this paper the empirical data with quotes from individual participants has been presented. The idea is that this way of presenting makes the results into a more valid reflection of the empirical data.2.5 LimitationWhen we are collecting our data and analysis it we face some limitation. We can't find schedule to meet with sociologist and also with parent's level people. For different thinking of all people we face problem to collect exact information....

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