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Imperialism Essay

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During the nineteenth century, America started looking for expansion generated by the increase in population, wealth and industrial production, the United States territory not only expanded westward it gained possession of several distant lands. Thus, creating the United States of today."By 1895 an expansion program supported by a small but growing number of American politicians, publicists, navel officers, and businessmen gave a specific direction to expansionist currents and reinforced the appeal of the imperialist idea. This generally included the annexation of Hawaii, the acquisition of one or more base areas in the West Indies and the construction of an Isthmian s Canal across Central ...view middle of the document...

The development of the nation-state enabled the effective mobilization of a society's resources, and coincided with the growth of modern science and industrialization. The latter developments created societies of unprecedented wealth and armed them with weapons of unparalleled destructiveness, while the steamship, the railroad, the telegraph, and the oceanic cable greatly diminished the distances that separated the western world" (Americanforeignrelations). "The modern city was the product of industrialization. Cities contained the great investment banks, the smoky hills and dingy sweatshops, the spreading railroad yards, the grimy tenements and sparkling mansions, the new department stores and skyscrapers. People came from places as near as the countryside and as far as Russia, Armenia, China and Japan. By the end of the nineteenth century America had entered a new urban age, with tens of millions of urbanites, and urban landscape, and a growing urban culture"(Davidson)."Industry and agriculture of the United States had grown beyond its need for consumption. Business and political figures believed that the foreign markets were essential to further economic growth, promoting a more aggressive foreign policy allowing America to gain dominance over foreign markets, materials and investment outlets" (Academic kids). "Each nation sought to establish an Asian sphere of influence in which its commercial and military interests reigned. The secretary of state circulated the first of two "open-door" notes among the imperial powers....

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