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Imperialism Inquiry
“Is imperialism positive or negative?”
There were a handful of positive effects of imperialism that happened. In
document B, the text shows modern progressive nations seek to control in the tropics.
This example reflects a positive influence because it talks about them developing
territory by building roads, canals, railways, and telegraphs. This is a good thing for
them that way they have more civilization. In document F, the text points out the social
and economic impact of on India. This quote shows a positive effect because it says
that early action was to stop the killing of female babies because no one likes an
innocent baby to die when they are born just because they are female. In document I,
the text says “Englishmen… have given the people of India the greatest human
blessing-peace. They have introduced Western education. This was a positive effect
because this allowed Indians to get a higher education, the englishmen gave them and
administration, and wise laws.
There were also a good amount of negative effects of imperialism that occured.
In document A, the image displays a father is staring at the hands of his five year-old
daughter, which were served as a punishment for having harvested to little rubber. This
image reflects a negative influence because it isn't...

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