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2. Overview
Biometrics ("Bio" stands for life and "metric" is to measure.) Biometric is the automated use of behavioral or physiological characteristics to determine or verify an identity. Biometrics is used for two different kinds of fields. First one is studying, which is older and used in biological studies and also in forestry where it is used for collection, synthesis, analysis and management of quantitative data on biological communities like forests. Biometrics is also known as biometrics statistics which have been studied and also applied for many generations.
"Authentication " is the process of identifying an identity of a person or determining someone as an authentic user of a particular device or application. That means that he/she is a legitimate user to access of specific application or device. A brief overview of this field can be categorized into three parts as past, present, and future.
2.1 Past
Biometric is invented very long back. Fingerprint which is the one of the most popular biometric technique is used by Chinese in the 14th century for identification (Jain & Ross, 2016). Chinese merchants used to take children fingerprints by using ink for identification.
In 1892, Argentine police started using fingerprints for identification of criminals. This is the first use of biometrics in a criminal proceeding. Then in 1901, The United Kingdom initiated the use of fingerprint for law enforcement applications (Jain & Ross, 2016). Fingerprints were broadly accepted as an evidence of an identity in a British criminal case in 1905 for the first time.
In 1924, The United States Congress has given authority to the department of justice to take fingerprints along with the arrest information for criminals. In 19...


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