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In the U.S. Army soldiers should always be in the right place at the right time. Being in the right
place shows that you care about attendance/accountability. Uniformity is important because as a soldier
we are all equal, because we have a standard to keep. Today (October 4th 2018) I PVT Hudson and my
battle buddies did not make step off to school with the rest of our company. To add on to my actions
instead of standing-by and waiting on an NCO to take us to school, I took it upon myself to take initiative
to gather the rest of my battle buddies and march us single file to our respective training sites. Once we
got there we reported to our drill sergeant and she told us that our actions were not right. Even though I
thought I was doing the right thing by not staying in the barracks until lunch chow like some of my battle
buddies wanted to do. But now I know that we should never leave the drill pad with the proper
acknowledgement from an NCO.
Anytime a soldier is late to a formation, etc. It causes conflict when the higher authority doesn’t
know of his whereabouts. That soldier could get hurt and or in big trouble all because he or she wasn’t
in the right place at the right time. An NCO’s job here at AIT is to take care/lead us future soldiers in the
right direction to succeed and be the best soldiers we can be. It's on us soldiers if we make that hard or
easy because if we all do what were supposed to do it would be very smooth but when we stray from
the reason we joined the military in the first place it can get very hard for everyone. When soldiers are
on time in the right place it shows a sense of discipline and that you can be trusted to be in the right
place on time maybe giving you the chance to be in a leadership position.
It is important that all soldiers are in correct uniform because, we are all a team. As Drill
sergeant Garcia says “One team... One Fight”. That meaning We are all the same, here for the same
reason, and that we have a standard to keep. If someone is out of uniform other soldiers might think
that they are getting special privileges or that they can do it to which is not the case. Also, if someone is
in the wrong uniform it could cause negative attention to us/make us look bad. When a company is all in
the same uniform and behaving in a military manner it shows that the communication between the
soldiers are clear and precise. Portraying our discipline as a unit and professionalism, and our pride in
the uniform and for what it represents.
In conclusion, it is important to be at the right place, at the right time, in the right uniform
because of what it represents and the positive attention it can attract to yourself and chain of
command. Everything we do is a team effort and if I'm failing my team if I'm not reliable. Accountability
is everything. Being at your place of duty is one of few core responsibilities a soldier has. As a member of
a team ,my battle buddies count on me to be where I am supposed to be at the time I am supposed to
be there. I not only put myself at risk, I also put my team at platoon at risk. I also, show lack of discipline.
I show lack of morale of self-respect and mutual respect when I miss time hacks. It can be perceived as
selfish and nonchalant.
PVT Hudson,

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