Importance Of Getting Adequate Sleep Wgu/ C820 Paper

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Task 3: Reflection
This paper is the knowledge I gained from the Professional Leadership and Communication for Healthcare course. In this class, I get to know my working style and communication techniques. Through the activities of this communications class, I can self-reflect on my working style and communication techniques. 
During this course, the participants had an energy questionnaire survey. Based on the result of the 5 dynamics Learning Report, it place me in the “effortless examine energy” style. It means my working style is detail-oriented, organized, and deadline -driven. It also ranked me in the deliberate energy range, in the other three working styles; explore excite and execute.
My strengths in the process are effortless energy. These have been my routine as a nurse to be organized the expected task and having total knowledge about my assigned patients before I start the day shift. Also, being a detailed person had helped me to predict what can go wrong before it happened, I had escaped in involving in auto accidental just because of my attention to the detail of my car. I noticed the car sound was not good; I called for a checkup and the news was I am so lucky not to have the risk to drive the car.
The challenges include showing regards for other groups and proving positive support to their contributions. I prefer to work alone than being in a group. I always believe groups don’t get enough facts for the project. sometimes I prolong the group project in the process of getting facts and perfection. Another challenge I have is delegating, I often doubt the teamwork, believing there will no accuracy and satisfaction in the assigned outcome of the group work. I always want to handle the task alone.
  My experience in conversations is the authenticity level. It defines “as a sincere appreciation of various opinions and influences, researching where they converge, for new insight and opportunity” For instance, communication between my husband and I is authenticity due to the respect and the mutual relationship. Discussing the way of our spending, we both evoke in the differences and different points of views. And reach a mutual agreement in changing the way of spending. Another experience is the pretense, during the unit meeting,  this writer will rather keep quiet at the meeting and pretend everything is well spoken.
Acknowledge that speaking Sincerity is not an adequate communication model, it means being honest and assuming my view is the most accurate. Conversing through Accuracy and Authenticity is a way to find the common ground and understanding that a meaningful communication. I acknowledge the using of conversation meter when gauging conversati...


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