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Protection of human life is a very significant concern that people should be aware of. It must be protected from the beginning of conception up until its death. According to Catholic teachings, life is a sacred gift that God has given us, Murder or endangering one’s life should never be allowed since we are not owners of our life as God is the Sovereign Master of life. We can therefore understand that harming a life after conception is a grave sin towards God. Secondly, people who are terminally ill must still be treated with utmost care instead of assisting on performing euthanasia. Lastly, intentional death is a serious offence towards the Lord and should not be done by all means.
Harming human life after conception is a grave sin towards God. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, life after conception must be protected as it is already recognized as having a right of a person.[footnoteRef:0] It discuss about how every baby in their mother’s womb must also have human rights like us because even though it cannot speak for itself, life is definitely not a simple thing that we could just carelessly get rid off especially for pregnant women who feels that their child is a burden or just because they believe that they do not have enough necessities especially financial needs to keep the child alive. Therefore, abortion should never be performed as it is for discriminately killing babies who never had a chance to live their own life just because others decided to discard them and felt that they are unneeded. Moreover, it is not only for women who decided to kill of their babies but it is also for people who execute the job. As stated on Pope John Paul II’s encyclical letter,the effect of abortion do more harm to those people who perform this practices that endanger a person’s life and dignity. Other than that, it is also considered to be a dishonour to the Creator.[footnoteRef:1] His letter called us to be aware of the importance of preserving human life especially since more countries are trying to legalized abortion especially with those larger populations like US and other western countries. Therefore, according to catholic teachings, human life must not only be preserved but we should also try to promote it to spread awareness about the significance of saving babies’ lives from abortion. [0: (n.d.). Retrieved May 22, 2019, from] [1: (n.d.). Retrieved May 22, 2019, from]
Secondly, people who are terminally ill still must be treated with respect and utmost care rather than performing euthanasia. It is important that people who only has a short time to live should still be treated with proper medicines because it may not cure them but it will eventually help to prolong their life. Second Vatican Ecumenical Council believes that no one can permit or al...


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