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The Importance of Political Participation
Political participation involves the activities that are used by citizens aimed at influencing the policies, selection of political leaders and the overall performance of a country. Political participation is based on enhancing citizens to participate in public affairs such as registration as a voter to achieve their democratic rights through voting, taking part in the real campaign process, the ability to assemble and interact with other public officials, demonstration of the citizens towards ill actions of leaders, attending of party rallies, signing of petitions towards political leaders, engaging in mob action and community development. Consequently, political participation may also involve the direct engagement of different citizens to vie for specific seats in the government, Scholars and politicians have directly related the political participation to the decline or success of a political system. This paper aims at exploring the importance of political participation to citizens as well the government.
Voting process as a major example of political participation is of upmost importance in the political system; this the easiest way for an individual to have a say in his or her country It makes sure the politicians elected in public offices are those who are trusted by the citizens and are qualified to be given the mandate to serve them. It enables citizens to take control of who governs his or country. Voting as an element of political participation enhances the ability of the ordinary citizen to access different facilities, for instance, health, employment, and education facilities.
This, therefore, means, for an individual to enjoy his or her wellbeing in the country, they must take full participation in public affairs through expressing their democratic right in electing their leaders. Before an individual decides on whom to vote for, he or she should apply another form of political participation for thorough understanding. He or she needs to understand the political directions and temperature within the country; this enables him to understand the political problems and specific leaders who can solve these problems. Being informed about politics is a crucial factor that a voter needs to consider to vote in the best way possible. This information is also received from public participations, such as, attending party conventions, campaigns, and debates between candidates.
Voting as a method of political participation, has direct influence in the government and different political systems. In many cases, leaders’ activities are based on the agendas they have for citizens before they ever take charge of the office, a leader, therefore, majors in the promises they had for the citizens rather than the interest of the citizens. Voting also has a major importance in eliminating leaders who take part in public misconduct, like the...

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