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The importance of wearing a seatbelt
We have all have probably gotten in the car with someone at one point or another and you noticed that they didn’t put on their seatbelt. Some people may not wear a seatbelt because they think its uncomfortable, or there are people who think they are too good of a driver to wear one. Even if you are a good driver there are many conditions that you may come across that are completely out of your control. Such as bad weather, road conditions, or other drivers in general. But, the difference of wearing your seatbelt could mean life or death. You should wear a seatbelt not only because it’s the smart and right thing to do, but also because you could be saving yourself money, your obeying the law, and saving lives of others on the road with you and your own.
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According to the information posted on cchealth, accessed on December 8 of 2018, the leading cause of death for people aged 34 and younger are car accidents. And wearing a seatbelt, can cut the chance of death down by about 50%. There are about 40,000 car accidents that result in death every year. To put this into perspective, that’s someone dying every 12 minutes in a car accident and every 14 seconds someone is injured in a crash. Choosing to not wear a seat belt contributes to more deaths on the road every year, compared to any other reason. According to the national highway traffic safety and administration website, also accessed on December 8th, in 2016 seatbelts saved nearly 15,000 lives. It is estimated by the NHTSA that nearly 2,500 more lives could have been saved if everyone was buckled up in these situations. Data from this website also shows that 262 children aged 8 to 12 were killed in car accidents in 2016 because they were not buckled. This is due to the fact that as children become older, they are less likely to keep putting on their seatbelt.
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I’m sure we have all heard the excuse, “I don’t need to wear it, I’m just going down the street”, or you may have used this excuse yourself. But what these drivers probably don’t realize is that often times car accidents are likely to happen wit...


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